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GED Useful Study Websites

GED Practice Tests in all four subject areas: Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Science, Science, and Math.

GED Study in all five subject areas: mathematics, reading, science, social studies, and writing

GED study in Math

  • Beginning Algebra Tutorials from Western Texas A&M
    Basic math, beginning algebra, and geometry
  • Khan Academy
    Short videos with instruction and practice exercises on arithmetic, developmental math, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. Requires an account with Google or facebook for exercises.
    Basic math, pre-algebra, and geometry [Select the topic from Subject Area on the left]
  • Math Goodies
    Basic math, probability, pre-algebra, and geometry [Select / Students / select math topic]
  • Math Playground
    Short videos on basic math, pre-algebra, and algebra [Select / Math Videos / select math topic]
  • Math Review
    Basic math, tables and graphs, and coordinate geometry
  • Shoreline Math Skills
    Basic math, pre-algebra, geometry, and more

GED study in Science and Social Studies

GED study in Reasoning Through Language Arts

  • Building Reading Skills for Today's Adults
    General pre-GED reading skills with audio, timed readings, and practice questions
  • Big Dog's Grammar (available in Spanish)
    Sentence structure and parts of speech with explanations, examples, and interactive self-tests
  • Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
    Grammar, capitalization, rules for writing numbers, and commonly confused words with rules, explanations, and examples
  • Commnet's Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation, homonyms and other confusing words, and paragraph development with explanations, examples, and interactive quizzes [Select / Word & Sentence Level or Paragraph Level / select topic]
  • D'Youville College Online Writing Lab
    Sentence structure, parts of speech, and punctuation with explanations, examples, and interactive self-tests
  • Grammar Bytes!
    Sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation, and word choice with presentations, interactive exercises, and handouts. See website for computer software requirements.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab
    Mechanics, grammar, punctuation, and academic writing with explanations, examples, and exercises. [For exercises, select / Owl Exercises / from Suggested Resources on the left]
  • Spelling Help
    Homonyms and spelling with rules and exercises

Additional GED Study Resources: Each site provides links to multiple GED study sites.