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Car Seat Safety Scholarship Program 2018 (ID 3604)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
1st Place: One Time $3500
2nd Place: One Time $2000
3rd Place: One Time $800
Best Car Seat HUB Scholarship

If you are looking up cheap infant car seats, chances are that you are already thinking about money. Education is an expense that many people don’t think about when they first have children, and in fact many people don’t think about paying for college until the time comes.

While you are looking for the best convertible car seat or the easiest car seat cover to use, you should also start thinking about paying for college. Therefore, we are launching an $3500 Car Seat Scholarship program where we will help ease the burden of paying for college for some families.

This scholarship, named the Car Seat Research Scholarship, will be available in the 2018 scholarship process. We hope to give scholarships to the people who will shape and change the face of the infant care industry within the next decade – we want to see someone’s name in all of the market research and the best car seat reviews we read and know that we helped them get there.

Our scholarship is broken down in first, second, and third places so that we can help many people get their feet off the ground and start working toward their success.

Contact Information



Min GPA:
1. You must be a high school graduate at the time of the award, failure to complete a high school curriculum will result in the disqualification and revocation of the reward. If this happens, the scholarship will go to the next person in line.
2. Anyone who applies must be in high school, home schooled, or a college student who plans to attend an accredited post-secondary institution. Anyone attending schools outside of the United States are ineligible to apply.
3. You must plan to attend a post-secondary institution or be in pursuit of a post-secondary degree. If you do not attend college, your degree will be revoked.
4. All applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA when applying and when awarded.
Special Criteria:
Please take your time in filling out the application, as any fields that are missing or incomplete will register the application invalid. Along with your application, you must also include a 2,500-3,500-word essay that uses correct grammar, punctuation, and writing modes. The essay must cover one of the questions answered below in detail. Ensure that all words are your own as we will run responses through a plagiarism checker. Write with plain text, size 12, Times New Roman. Do not use pictures or chat speak.

If you would prefer, you can create a 5-10-minute video answering one of the questions below. If you choose this option, you do not need to write the essay. If you write the essay, you do not need a video. Post your video to YouTube and then use the application form to link us to your video. Note that we will use your video in future applications and on our website/blog if we choose you.