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The Smart Alec Scholarship (ID 3154)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
$2000 towards college of student's choice, and $2000 of private tutoring.
At Smart Alec, we believe that students learn and express themselves differently; that's why we're offering a unique college scholarship.

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All U.S. high school students are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have parental permission (if under 18), be United States citizens and have a student account.
Special Criteria:
The Prompt

Who inspires you? Tell us about a single person (real or fictional) and describe their impact on your life… in any medium!

Are you inspired by a family member or teacher? Perhaps you look up to a famous musician or athlete or aspire to be like a particular historical figure or scholar? Then again, maybe you just want to be like Katniss Everdeen… Whomever you draw inspiration from, we want to hear about them!

We can't wait to hear about who inspires you, and we want you to tell us about them in whatever way best expresses your excitement. That’s why we are accepting answers to our prompt in virtually any form, from essays to songs to sculptures to mathematical proofs to whatever else you can think of! Create something that expresses what that individual means to you, the effect they've had on your life or the qualities they possess that you admire most.