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CPR Certification Institute Scholarship Financial Aid Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities (ID 2924)

Scholarship Description

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There are few things that are as fulfilling as earning a college degree, and the experience alone is worth a lifetime of good memories. But after graduation, many degree holders are hit with the cold reality that, college debt have helped them afford higher education, they have the difficult responsibility of repaying what they owe. Many new graduates find themselves saddled with loan repayments that make it hard for them to start building the life they want.

The good news is that various financial aids are all readily available options to help differently abled individuals afford higher education. Here at CPR Certification Institute, we can help you find the best finance alternatives to help you manage the expenses that come with quality higher education.

Below is a list of excellent financial aid opportunities for individuals with a general disability and other specific conditions. We hope you find a few suitable ones that might interest you as you pursue higher education.

Scholarships and grants are awarded based upon various criteria determined by the institution granting the scholarship. These could include merit, financial need, interest, and other factors that are aligned with the values and vision of the donor of the award.

Student with disabilities may find the list of scholarships below as a suitable starting guide for applying for financial aid. Every one of these scholarships will have its own eligibility requirements. The award amounts also vary as well as the application process. Continue reading to find out how to apply for financial aid for your education.

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Any undergraduate or graduate college student who currently is enrolled in any form of “healthcare degree” program or courseware may apply.

Proof of your enrollment may be requested as part of your eligibility determination.

Employees and family members of employees of CPR Certification Institute are not eligible to participate in this program.

There are several scholarships listed on the website. Please review eligibility for each.