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Planet DISH, one of the nation’s largest DISH Network retailers, is excited to offer a $500 college scholarship to both incoming freshmen and current students! The scholarship renews semi-annually in the fall and spring semesters, giving students 2 opportunities yearly to secure the scholarship. Applicants must complete a 500-word essay which encourages critical thinking.

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All applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States currently attending an accredited college or University, OR be attending an accredited college or University beginning in the spring 2018 semester.

Incoming freshmen: Applicant must be enrolled in a nationally accredited college or University for the 2018 spring semester by the time the tuition check is paid to the University. Applicant must have a high school degree or equivalent and have taken either the ACT or SAT test.
Current freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors: Applicants must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or University between January 1, 2018 and June 1, 2018.
Special Criteria:
How To Enter
1. Research – Learn about the top streaming providers, why people are streaming, how they are streaming, how standard TV has changed, etc.
2. Write – In 400 to 600 words, explain how streaming TV has changed the entire TV landscape and changed how people perceive and watch TV. Be sure to include one professional citation.
3. Apply – Fill out the form in its entirety located at the bottom of this page.
4. Share With Friends – make other incoming college freshman and current students aware of this great opportunity!