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ParentsNeed Scholarship (ID 2504)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Being a parent while educating yourself in University can be a challenge. Parents who study often find both time and money are an issue. That's why ParentsNeed has created a yearly scholarship designed for students who show themselves to find balance between the two and can benefit from support. Participants of the scholarship program have the possibility to win a fund of $1000. For students who have the desire to apply, a 3-4 minute video should be produced in which they talk about what they their situation, as well as describe what they do to find balance between study and family.
One participant will win the scholarship and receive a fund of $1000 towards their higher education.

Contact Information



To apply a student must be enrolled at either a high school, university, trade school or college.
Special Criteria:
Entry entitles you to the possibility of winning a scholarship of $1000. The video you produce should run for around 3-4 minutes. In the video, try to include some of these:
Describe the challenges of studying and parenting
Talk about things you have done to find a balance and the positive results of your actions
Discuss how organisation can play a key role in achieving this balance
Videos should not exceed 5 minutes. Once the video is ready it needs to be uploaded to YouTube with the title, ‘ Scholarship’. In the description area you must also paste a link to this page. Once your video is successfully uploaded and meets all of the requirements, you should email us at and give us the link to your video. In your email please also include the following details:
Your contact details: full name, telephone contact number and email address.
The school you go to (even if you have not yet started, so long as you have been accepted).
Evidence that shows you are a student of the above school
Your subject choice.