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Scholarship Description

Start Date:
We decided to establish a $1,000 annual scholarship to help University students across the country, who are struggling financially. The $1,000 scholarship will be divided between 2 winners, awarding $500 to each one of them. The money will be transferred to their Universities finance/bursar account.

Contact Information


The application requirements are as follow:

• Your desired University must be in the United States;
• You must submit your application until the 31st of December 2018;
You must answer all questions in our application form;
• You must choose one of the Universities from the list. If you can't find your University in the list, click on "Can't find your University?" below.
Special Criteria:

We will read all the essays and choose one applicant who will be granted the scholarship. The money will be transferred to their Universities finance/bursar account.

Applicants need to write an essay of 600-1000 words on one of the following topics

• How the United States can shorten the ever-widening gap between the main two political parties, bring them closer together, including, but not limited, to specifics toward compromise for the greater good
• How the overall educational system of the United States can be looked at differently to promote different learning techniques and stimulate learning of all groups, getting individuals better prepared for life outside/after school.

Your keys to winning a Scholarship

• Creativity
• Originality
• Accuracy / Grammar