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Medical Assistant Resources Scholarship (ID 1921)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Funding For Undergraduates and Post Graduates

At Medical Assistant Resources, we provide our customers with a complete online medical training and education center.

We aim support the improvements in training in the medical sphere and new businesses wanting to help the people behind the scenes in those next generation enterprises. Because of this commitment, we have created a scholarship aimed at helping emerging medical professionals increase their chances of creating successful careers and businesses, by helping them expand their skills, abilities, and education.

This scholarship is aimed at future medical assistants who are currently studying for either a bachelor degree or a postgraduate degree and want to further develop their abilities and skills.

Contact Information



Students must be currently enrolled in high school, trade school, college or university to participate.

Application Submittal Process

Create an engaging piece of content between 500 and 100 words and submit it to us in .doc form. If you are submitting an online document include the URL of the website. Once those steps have been completed email us at with the Word document and any URLs.

The following should be included in the email.

– Your full name, mailing address, and telephone number.

– The name of the school you are currently enrolled in as well as any applications that are pending.

– Proof of admissions from the school you have specified above.

– You current area of study.

After you have submitted your Word document to us, you have agreed to allow us to use it in various promotions and marketing campaigns if we wish.
Special Criteria:
Terms Of Participation

Could you use a $1000 scholarship for your schooling needs? All you have to do is think about how medical assistant training affects and contributes to the industry in 2017.

Once you have your ideas in place you will write a piece of content between 500 and 1000 words. There are some things we would like you to include in your content. 1) Why is high quality medical assistant training important? 2) Use a real life example of how you have used it or have seen it being used.

The best piece of content we receive will earn a $1000 scholarship to further their educational needs. For more information on this exciting opportunity, continue reading.


We are looking for creative works that express your opinions on the above topic. We want you to express your beliefs and convince others of your particular stance. Your content presentation should be innovative and engaging to the audience.

How We Will Judge Content