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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Nicole Sakraida
Title: Career Services Coordinator
Phone: 541-245-7755 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7132 (Josephine)
Laura Salerno
Title: Oregon Promise Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-245-7533 (Jackson)
Teresa Schawo
Title: Senior Accountant
Phone: 541-956-7028 (Josephine)
Steve Schilling
Title: Dean, School of Science and Technology
Phone: 541-245-7802 (Jackson)
Rene Shannon
Title: Temp Staff
Kathi Sharrard
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-956-7121 (Josephine)
Midge Shaw
Title: Writing Dept. Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7224 (Josephine)
Aubrey Shaw
Title: Transition Specialist (PT)
Phone: 541-245-7699 (Jackson)
Larry Sheely
Title: Communications Technician
Phone: 541-956-7277 (Josephine)
Al Sheldon
Title: Director, IT Programming Services & Institutional Research
Phone: 541-956-7440 (Josephine)
Heidi Shepard
Title: Temp Staff
Jessica Shriver
Title: Student Life & Leadership Coordinator/Athletic Secretary
Phone: 541-245-7710 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7094 (Josephine)
Alena Siddon
Title: Financial Aid Specialist
E-mail: (No Info)
Jeanie Simmons
Title: Administrative Assistant II
Phone: 541-245-7747 (Jackson)
Jodi Simons
Title: Assistant Director, Foundation
Phone: 541-956-7294 (Josephine)
Jessica Skinner
Title: Financial Aid Assistant
E-mail: (No Info)
Helaine Smith
Title: Science Lab Technician II
Phone: 541-956-7064 (Josephine)
Sharon Smith
Title: Assistant to the VP, Student Services/Diversity Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7187 (Josephine)
Ted Smith
Title: Landscaper/Groundskeeper
Phone: 541-956-7154 (Josephine)
Teri Smith
Title: Interim Dean, Instruction
Phone: 541-245-7847 (Jackson)
David Snell
Title: Web Development Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7040 (Josephine)
Phone: 541-956-7213 (Josephine)
Scott Soltermann
Title: Temp Staff
Ulrich Sommerauer
Title: Media Specialist I
Curtis Sommerfeld
Title: Vice President, College Services/CIO
Phone: 541-245-7629 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7238 (Josephine)
Bernyne Spillane
Title: Rogue Central Specialist
Phone: 541-245-7858 (Jackson)
Serena St.Clair, Ph.D.
Title: Coordinator Pathways, CWE, and Articulation
Phone: 541-245-7742 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7126 (Josephine)
Lisa Stanton
Title: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Phone: 541-956-7024 (Josephine)
Jacob Storment
Title: Temp Staff
Kathy Strong
Title: Bookstore Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7222 (Josephine)
Carmen Sumner
Title: Assistant Director Marketing
Phone: 541-956-7114 (Josephine)
Lynda Surran
Title: Accountant II (Grants)
Phone: 541-956-7021 (Josephine)
Sherry Sutphin
Title: Program Support Specialist
Phone: 541-245-7701 (Jackson)
Denise Swafford
Title: Accreditation Liaison Officer/Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7087 (Josephine)