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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Laura Haga-Duffy
Title: Interim Director Bookstore and Shipping/Receiving
Phone: 541-956-7158 (Josephine)
Lisa Hallock
Title: HR Specialist I Personnel
Phone: 541-956-7005 (Josephine)
Katie Hamlyn
Title: Foundation Support Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7292 (Josephine)
Cindy Harboldt
Title: Advanced Secretary
Phone: 541-956-7133 (Josephine)
Angela Harelson
Title: Secretary I
Phone: 541-956-7337 (Josephine)
Jamee Harrington
Title: HR and Employee Benefits Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7346 (Josephine)
Susan Heath-Bayless
Title: Bookstore Specialist III-General Merchandise
Phone: 541-956-7222 (Josephine)
Cynthia (Cindy) Henney
Title: Intermediate Secretary, RVC Instructional
Phone: 541-245-7504 (Jackson)
Natalie Herklotz
Title: Assistant Director, Budget & Financial Services
Phone: 541-956-7019 (Josephine)
Bryan Herve
Title: Programmer/Institutional Researcher
Phone: 541-956-7234 (Josephine)
Kevin Hoff
Title: Dean, School of Arts and Technology
Phone: 541-245-7517 (Jackson)
Raelyn Horton
Title: Secretary
Phone: 541-245-7580 (Jackson)
Kenny Houck
Title: Business Development Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7275 (Josephine)
Grant Hubler
Title: Applications Programmer/Analyst II
Phone: 541-956-7235 (Josephine)
Susan Huntley
Title: Tutor
Phone: 541-245-7724 (Jackson)
James Hurst
Title: Maintenance Custodian
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)
Andrew Huston
Title: Media Specialist II
Phone: 541-956-7036 (Josephine)
Michael Hutchison
Title: Maintenance Custodian
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)