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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Svetlana Gamble
Title: Applications Programmer/Analyst II
Phone: 541-245-7830 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7155 (Josephine)
Angel Garcia
Title: TRiO TS Transition Specialist
Laura Garrett
Title: Program Coordinator, Educational Partnerships
Phone: 541-245-7865 (Jackson)
Analisa Gifford
Title: Rogue Central Specialist
Phone: 541-245-7743 (Jackson)
Sierra Gilkey
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-956-7461 (Josephine)
Tristan Gilkey
Title: Temp Staff
Marilyn Gill
Title: Program Support Specialist II (PT)
Phone: 541-245-7725 (Jackson)
Julie Giomi-Brown
Title: Bookstore Specialist I (PT)
Phone: 541-245-7591 (Jackson)
Elizabeth (Betty) Glazier
Title: Data Management Specialist II - PT
Phone: 541-956-7137 (Josephine)
Bonnie Glidewell
Title: Program Specialist
Phone: 541-245-7547 (Jackson)
Wende Glimpse
Title: Library Specialist II Processing
Phone: 541-245-7522 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7149 (Josephine)
Eric Gomez
Title: Security/Safety Officer
Phone: 541-245-7873 (Jackson)
Brooke Goodson
Title: Temp Staff
Sugar Gore
Title: Temp Staff
Ronald Goss
Title: Director, SBDC
Phone: 541-956-7494 (Josephine)
Kenton Gould
Title: Training Service Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7118 (Josephine)
David (Dave) Graves
Title: Lead, Facilities and Operations - TRC
Phone: 541-245-7872 (Jackson)
Heather Green
Title: Training Services Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7285 (Josephine)
Pamela (Pam) Green
Title: Program Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7347 (Josephine)
Danielle Green
Title: Help Desk Technician
Phone: 541-956-7045 (Josephine)
Nikolaus Grimsby
Title: Library Specialist I (PT)
Phone: 541-956-7152 (Josephine)
Peggy Guthmiller
Title: Administrative Assistant IV
Phone: 541-245-7562 (Jackson)