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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Javier De La Mora
Title: Admission Coach
Phone: 541-245-7722 (Jackson)
Fredrick (Fred) DeLong
Title: Network Administrator
Phone: 541-245-7709 (Jackson)
GiGi Demartini
Title: Institutional Researcher I
Phone: 541-245-7840 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7262 (Josephine)
Forrest Denison
Title: Facilities/Operations Assistant Lead (RVC)
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)
Dean Denison
Title: Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Worker
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)
Marvin Dennis
Title: Automotive Lab Technician
Phone: 541-956-7175 (Josephine)
Carmela DiLeva
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-956-7213 (Josephine)
Deborah Dice
Title: Senior Accountant
Phone: 541-956-7026 (Josephine)
Gaea Dichter
Title: Lab Instructor Nursing Assistant Program
Phone: 541-245-7937 (Jackson)
Tiffany Dougherty
Title: Completion Specialist
Arlene Dowell
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 541-956-7140 (Josephine)
Phone: 541-956-7140 (Josephine)
John Duarte
Title: Director, Enrollment Services
Phone: 541-245-7711 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7176 (Josephine)
Lisa Dunagan
Title: Support Specialist Development/Resources
Phone: 541-956-7293 (Josephine)
Amy Durst
Title: Assistant to the Dean, School of Workforce and College Preparation
Phone: 541-245-7741 (Jackson)