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Rogue Community College
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Genoa Barchet
Title: Science Lab Technician
Phone: 1-541-956-7064 (Josephine)
Ian Barrey
Title: Institutional Research Analyst
Phone: 1-541-245-7807 (Jackson)
Phone: 1-541-956-7262 (Josephine)
Judy Basker
Title: Executive Director, Foundation
Phone: 1-541-956-7291 (Josephine)
Susi Beene
Title: Program Support Specialist IV
Phone: 1-541-956-7167 (Josephine)
Cathleen Belisle
Title: Clerk Specialist
Phone: 1-541-956-7303 (Josephine)
Phone: 1-541-956-7461 (Josephine)
Laura Bennett
Title: Director, Curriculum & Scheduling
Phone: 1-541-956-7136 (Josephine)
Korinda (Kori) Bieber
Title: Vice President of Student Services/CSSO
Phone: 1-541-956-7196 (Josephine)
Robert Bigelow
Title: Help Desk Technician
Phone: 1-541-245-7554 (Jackson)
Daniella Bivens
Title: Director, Educational Partnerships
Phone: 1-541-245-7991 (Jackson)
Robert Blevens
Title: Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Worker
Phone: 1-541-956-7161 (Josephine)
Lee Bollschweiler
Title: Testing Administrator
Phone: 1-541-245-7808 (Jackson)
Phone: 1-541-956-7100 (Josephine)
Lea Bonney
Title: Instructional Secretary III
Phone: 1-541-245-7809 (Jackson)
Sheri Bransfield
Title: Procurement Specialist
Phone: 1-541-956-7164 (Josephine)
Neva Brendmoen
Title: CNA Coordinator
Phone: 1-541-245-7936 (Jackson)
Brandon Bretl
Title: Training Services Coordinator
Phone: 1-541-245-7901 (Jackson)
Phone: 1-541-956-7385 (Josephine)
Phone: 1-541-956-7436 (Josephine)
Debra (Deb) Bricker
Title: TRiO Transfer/Advising Specialist
Phone: 1-541-956-7348 (Josephine)
Brenda Bridges
Title: Financial Aid Specialist II
Phone: 1-541-956-7108 (Josephine)
Kari Brooks
Title: Library Specialist II
Phone: 1-541-245-7672 (Jackson)
Candace Bunow
Title: Advising Assistant II
Phone: 1-541-956-7198 (Josephine)
Jennifer Burkes
Title: Intermediate Secretary
Phone: 1-541-956-7027 (Josephine)
Bettina Burns
Title: Academic Advisor
Phone: 1-541-245-7559 (Jackson)
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