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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Amanda Baird
Title: Payroll Specialist
Sarah Bartley
Title: Student Life & Leadership Program Coordinator/Athletics Assistant
Lucia Bartscher
Title: Human Resources Specialist
Judith (Judy) Basker
Title: Executive Director, Foundation
Janet Basney
Title: Director,TRiO Projects EOC/ETS
Kimberly (Kim) Bell
Title: Administrative Assistant III, Adult Basic Skills
Katelyn Bender
Title: Program Support Specialist, Apprenticeship
Mariane Berry
Title: Director, Business Office
Robert Bigelow
Title: Help Desk Technician
Robert (Bob) Blevens
Title: Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Worker
Karin Boucher
Title: Data Management Specialist - ABS
Laura Bowles
Title: College Now Program Coordinator
Sheri Bransfield
Title: Procurement Specialist
Logan Bransfield
Title: Financial Aid Advisor
Brenda Bridges
Title: Financial Aid Specialist
Sara Bristol
Title: Digital Media and Marketing Specialist
Kari Brooks
Title: Library Specialist II (Circulation)
Paula Brooks
Title: Administrative Assistant III, Academic Affairs
Rachelle Brown
Title: Assistant to the President - Governance
Candace (Candi) Bunow
Title: Veteran's Coordinator - Certifying Official
Jennifer Burkes
Title: Administrative Assistant III, Academic Affairs
Elizabeth (Liz) Butler
Title: Internet Strategist