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Small Business Development Center

    Workforce Training

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      Adult Driver Education

      Provides behind-the-wheel instruction for adult drivers and prepares them to perform driving tasks in accordance with the standards of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Course is graded on a pass/no pass basis.

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      Driver and Traffic Safety Education

      Driver education students will learn to be safe, efficient drivers in today’s driving environment. Special emphasis is on the decision-making process, development of defensive driving skills, and the establishment of a responsible approach to driving. Course is graded on a pass/no pass basis.
      Prerequisite: Students must have one of these Oregon DMV documents: 482.160 special permit for persons over the age of 14; 482.161 instructor or beginner’s permit for those 15 or older; 482.162 30-day temporary permit issued by Salem DMV to prepare an operator for a special test.

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      Foreign Language

      Introduces beginners to basic vocabulary and conversational skills in a variety of languages including French, Italian and Spanish.

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      Retirement Planning

      Students will learn investment basics to make good financial decisions. Blends financial education with life planning to help build wealth, align money and values, and achieve retirement lifestyle goals.

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      Neighborhood Leadership Academy

      Increases communication, cooperation with others, and self-awareness around issues of civic engagement and effective communication/enhanced dialogue in personal, community, school and work settings. This course emphasizes leadership, facilitation, networking, resource development, community assessment and coordination, as well as project planning.

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      Computer Applications

      Provides hands-on training in a variety of computer applications.

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      Covers the safe use of basic welding processes including mig, stick welding, oxyacetylene welding and cutting for the workplace. Geared to individuals wanting to improve their welding skills.

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      Volunteer Training

      Explores the skills needed for helping others as community volunteers.

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      Group Development

      Examines techniques for working effectively in groups with emphasis on communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and group discussions. Provides students with a forum to discuss the challenges of balancing relationships, school, and work.

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      Home Buying

      Learn about the basics of choosing and qualifying for a new home. Covers mortgages, closing costs and insurance.

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      Physical Fitness/Health

      Provides physical fitness classes and various consumer health topics that encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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      Adult Driver Education

      Offers eight to 12 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction for adult drivers and prepares them to perform driving tasks in accordance with the standards of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Course is graded on a pass/no pass basis.

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      Weight Equipment Use and Safety

      Prepares and encourages students and staff members to begin a physical conditioning program to maintain lifelong health. Emphasizes proper and safe warm-up, stretching, aerobic, and weight training equipment techniques.

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      Workforce Retention Skills

      Provides general workforce skills such as resume writing and cover letters; preparing for the job search process; giving the best answers to common interview questions; job retention and advancement; workplace expectations, office politics and successful communication strategies.

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      Staff and Program Development

      Provides a forum for providing ongoing staff development training in a variety of subjects.

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      Art Workshop for Professionals

      Explores various techniques in a variety of media to enhance the skills of professional artists. Skills in preparing portfolios for the new medium, marketing and presentation standards, and strategies for purchasing specific materials and supplies are included.

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      Traffic Control Flagger Certification

      Provides necessary skills and knowledge in the fundamental principles of traffic control and safety in the work zone for work crews. Promotes the safety requirements for flaggers controlling traffic in a work zone and shows how to establish proper warning and traffic control of motorists for workers’ safety.
      Prerequisite: Employment in construction road building or public utilities company and all governmental entities where flaggers are used to control traffic along the shoulder or on roadways.

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      Commercial Driver License Seminar

      Provides individuals the opportunity to upgrade skills to pass the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Class A or B written and drive test. Topics covered include introduction to systems, federal and state regulations, and pre-trip inspections. A variety of driving conditions, gear control, operation safety, stopping procedures, and off-tracking will be covered. Students will have the opportunity to operate tractor/trailers on and off the road.
      Students must have a valid Oregon Class C license, Oregon CDL permit, current DOT physical with medical card, and employment requiring CDL to meet employer job requirements of career advancement.

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      Safety in the Workplace

      Provides training for supervisors to direct safety and accident prevention activities, and empowers workers to get involved in workplace safety and accept responsibility for their own actions.

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      Oregon Safety Training

      Occupational safety and health training for employers and employees are offered in seminar formats throughout the year. Topics include lockout-tagout, fall protection, hazard communication, and excavation safety.
      Prerequisite: Employment in business or industry that requires employee safety training.

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      Small Engine Maintenance

      Covers common troubleshooting and maintenance requirements of two- and four-stroke gas engines. Emphasis is on equipment designed for commercial use where service schedules and troubleshooting are a daily part of operation.
      Prerequisite: Employment in landscape or other fields requiring use of two- and four-stroke engines.

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      Electrical Supervisor Exam Preparation

      An in-depth look at the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2005 edition. The Oregon 2005 Specialty Code will be discussed as it applies to each article of the NEC 2005. Covers all pertinent material in preparation for taking the Oregon electrical supervisor’s exam. Upon completion, participants should be prepared to take the examination.

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      Supervisor Training Topics

      Provides updated information that effects the everyday operation of a construction project. Topics include safety, technology, supervisory skills, estimating and contracting techniques, legal requirements, and equipment operation.
      Prerequisites: Employment as a contractor, field supervisor, estimator, safety director, project manager, general construction contractor, trade worker or involved in some way with the building trades.

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      Oregon CCB Contractor Education

      Designed and approved by the Oregon CCB to meet the educational requirements for Oregon contractor licensure. The goal is to educate potential contractors in areas that will help them obtain Oregon CCB registration and allow existing Oregon licensed contractors to receive the Oregon-mandated education for license renewal. An additional goal is to allow contractors to make intelligent business decisions that lead to business profits.

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      Electrical Exam Preparation

      Reviews electrical code, procedures and applications necessary to function as a licensed electrician in the state of Oregon. Topics vary and may include branch circuits, conductors, math and theory, motors, grounding, general calculations, residential wiring applications, special conditions, etc.

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      Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME) Update

      Prepares individuals to pass the limited maintenance electrician exam. Covers National Electrical Code articles appropriate to the LME license; Oregon statutes, administrative rules, and electrical specialty code; the basics of electricity; Ohm’s Law, voltage drop calculations, horsepower/amperage calculations; and safety procedures.

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      Limited Energy Technician Update

      Meets requirements established by the Oregon legislature to revamp all limited energy licenses.
      Prerequisite: Students must hold an A or B Restricted Energy Technician’s (RETs) level license.

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      Code Update

      Provides updates on code changes and requirements for plumbers, electricians, millwrights, and heating/air conditioning servicers/installers. Covers technical requirement changes, codebook layout/fast-finder assistance, material usage, new legislation, and safety and job specifications.

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      Code Related Update for Electricians

      Updates current field topics needed by individuals working in the structural, mechanical, electrical, and or architectural. Applies technical knowledge and skills to maximize efficiency. Topics include understanding mathematical principles for electrical calculations; plan review ; residential and industrial installations; building renovations and remodeling; impacts of 2005 NEC changes; demonstration of new installation techniques; principles of troubleshooting; new technology in the industry; and basic principles of artificial lighting design.
      Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in EET101.

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      Forklift Operator Training

      Provides the skills necessary for forklift operators to carry out the requirements of moving large and heavy materials from one location to another in a safe manor with a forklift. OSHA approved.
      Prerequisites: Employment in a food processing or manufacturing operation requiring skill in materials handling by using a lift truck (forklift) or past experience that provides evidence of good mechanical skills.

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      Hydraulic Crane Truck Operator Training

      Provides the skills necessary for an operator to carry out the requirements of moving large and heavy materials with a mobile crane from one location to another in a safe manner. Covers vehicle inspection and operator responsibilities, hand signal communications, power line awareness, and rigging and load considerations.
      Prerequisites: Employment in an industrial or manufacturing operation requiring skill in materials handling by using a hydraulic crane truck (boom truck) or past experience that provides evidence of good mechanical skills.

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      Entrepreneurship Management

      Integrates real-world experience with a highly-engaged classroom environment. The goal is to enable student entrepreneurs to optimize the successful launch and ongoing operations of a business. The learning experience is designed for an array of students ranging from participants who may have a business idea and want to learn about the practical aspects of starting a business, to those who intend to start and run their own businesses, as well as potential participants who are already operating a business, but need assistance with various aspects. The curriculum entails a variety of business classes that will be taught in an environment that takes students from the "idea" stage to "concept/product launch" stage and beyond.

    • Search for 9.2529.252 Variable continuing education units

      International Trade

      Focuses on how to establish or expand markets globally through formal courses as well as free business counseling.

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      Business Forums

      Covers various business-related topics to help small business owners and their employees be successful.

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      Business Planning for Success

      Introduces business plans to business owners to help them understand why they need a business plan, how to develop a business plan, and how to use a business plan for business success. The key element of the course is to increase the chances of business success through business planning, managing and growth strategies.

    • Search for 9.2579.257 1.2 continuing education units

      Using Social Media in Your Business

      Trains business owners and managers in the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and enables them to evaluate a variety of social media forms to use as marketing tools for their businesses. Also addresses the value of a social media marketing plan to be successful.

    • Search for 9.2589.258 .8 continuing education credits

      Using Facebook for Business

      Helps business owners and managers evaluate Facebook as a marketing tool for their businesses and what is needed to maintain a successful page. Provides the steps to create a Facebook business page, manage content, interface navigation, and guidelines about content, posts, conflict/negative feedback resolution. Demonstrates techniques to manage content including how to add photos, graphics, videos, links, and create coupons, special offers, and other techniques to attract and engage customers.

    • Search for 9.2599.259 .6 continuing education units

      Marketing Strategies

      Enables business owners and managers to successfully market and advertise a business. Includes information on market research, mission statements, marketing plans, advertising, creating a business image, and gaining publicity.

    • Search for 9.2629.262 Variable continuing education units

      Small Business Management A

      Provides instruction and counseling in business management for small business owners. Consists of monthly class meetings and confidential counseling sessions at the business site. Class participation is limited to non-competing businesses.

    • Search for 9.2639.263 Variable continuing education units

      Small Business Management B

      Continues instruction and counseling in business management for small business owners. Consists of monthly class meetings and confidential counseling sessions at the business site. Class participation is limited to non-competing businesses.
      Prerequisite: 9.262.

    • Search for 9.2749.274 1.2 continuing education units

      Providing Outstanding Customer Service

      Assists participants in identifying internal and external customers and how to deal with them effectively to improve productivity, relations, and the bottom line through the basic rules involved in good customer service. May include telephone skills as well.

    • Search for 9.2759.275 2 continuing education units

      Retail Sales and Customer Service

      Prepares individuals for continuing employment in retail sales. Topics covered include communication in the workplace, worker ethics, handling money, merchandising, safety, and security and loss prevention.
      Prerequisite: Employment or interest in becoming employed in a retail sales field.

    • Search for 9.2769.276 .4 continuing education units

      Selling and Presentation Skills

      Small business owners will learn about closing sales, growing a business and becoming market leaders. Students will gain the confidence and necessary skills to be competitive.

    • Search for 9.2789.278 Variable continuing education units

      Insurance Agent Continuing Education

      Focuses on various topics that meet the continuing education requirements for insurance agents.
      Prerequisite: Each participant must be an insurance agent.

    • Search for 9.3509.350 4 continuing education credits

      Wildland Continuing Education

      Covers a variety of topics including wildland firefighting, urban interface fire protection, and emergency scene management.Content is designed to meet National Wildfire Coordinating Group, National Incident Management System, and/or National Fire Protection Association standards specific to the coursework. Also includes continuing education and refresher training.

    • Search for 9.4119.411 1.6 continuing education units

      Wilderness First Aid

      In collaboration with Wilderness Medicine Institute and The Siskiyou Field Institute, teaches recognition, treatment principles, decision-making skills, and prevention of wilderness emergencies. Covers wilderness medicine topics for people 16 and older who travel and work in the outdoors. Certification is valid for two years.

    • Search for 9.4129.412 3 continuing education units

      Ensuring Quality Care - Adult Foster Care Provider Training

      Covers state rules and regulations for becoming an adult foster care provider. Anyone planning to own an adult foster home (AFH) or work in one as the resident care manager is required to attend and pass this class. This training is also valuable, but not required, if you are only a regular employee in an adult foster home. Course is graded on a pass/no pass basis.

    • Search for 9.4149.414 8 continuing education units

      Wilderness First Aid Responder

      Wilderness first responder training focuses on teaching students to assess situations, improvise solutions using available resources to stabilize patients, and identify the best way to get patients to definitive medical treatment from remote locations.

    • Search for 9.4209.420 variable continuing education units

      EMT Coninuing Education

      Provides continuing medical education and/or remediation to licensed EMS providers as is sometimes required by the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT). The course is based on the EMS provider continuing education requirements as specified in OAR 333-265 and NREMT recertification guidelines. Additional topics relevant to practice as an EMS provider in the state of Oregon will be covered when appropriate.

    • Search for 9.4229.422 12 continuing education units

      Community Health Worker

      Approved by the Oregon Health Authority, prepares students to be certified as community health workers in Oregon. Provides training in front-line public health care with an understanding and connection to the communities served. Also provides training in facilitating patient access to health and social services and to improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. Trains students to provide culturally appropriate health education and information, assist people in receiving the care they need, give informal counseling and guidance on health behaviors, advocate for individuals and community health needs, and provide some direct services such as first aid and blood pressure screening. Course graded on a pass/no pass basis.

    • Search for 9.4239.423 5.6 continuing education units

      Peer Support Specialist

      Provides support, encouragement, and assistance to mental health consumers by promoting activities that foster recovery and empowerment. Students become consumer advocates who facilitate linkage to needed services and activities; provides expertise and consultation to the team to promote a culture in which consumer’s preferences are recognized, respected, and integrated into treatment; and demonstrates personal experience with the mental health recovery process, through receiving treatment either for themselves or assisting a close household/family member. Course graded on a pass/no pass basis.
      Prerequisites: Self-identified individuals currently or formerly receiving mental health services, are at least 18 years of age, and not listed on the Medicaid provider exclusion list.

    • Search for 9.4259.425 1 continuing education unit

      Mental Health First Aid

      Introduces mental health and social service workers to risk factors and warning signs of mental illnesses, builds understanding of their impacts, and addresses an overview of common support possibilities. Like in CPR, the course prepares participants to interact with people in crisis and connect them to help. Discussion topics, exercises, and other activities keep students engaged in the course and provide an opportunity to practice helping skills as a mental health first aider.

    • Search for 9.4289.428 1.1 continuing education units

      Introduction to Basic ECG Interpretation

      Focuses on a basic introduction and understanding of electrocardiograms (ECGs). Covers information needed to interpret ECGs including anatomy and physiology of the human heart and how it relates to the ECG. Students will also learn basic electrophysiology and how to interpret sinus rhythms and ventricular rhythms. This course will periodically discuss patient conditions related to an electrocardiogram and make suggestions towards the treatment of those patients. Information from this course introduces the participant to basic understanding of ECG interpretation.

    • Search for 9.4349.434 1.6 continuing education units

      Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

      Uses a systematic approach to quickly assess, identify the underlying cause, and treat pediatric patients in emergency situations. Students interact with real pediatric patient cases, realistic simulations, and animations to assess and treat pediatric patients. This includes applying basic life support, following PALS treatment algorithms, and practicing effective resuscitation skills and team dynamics. This American Heart Association (AHA) course is for healthcare providers who either direct or participate in the management of respiratory and/or cardiovascular emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest in pediatric patients. Offered as Provider, Recertification and Instructor courses. Upon successful completion of the written and practical portions of the course, students will receive an American Heart Association’s Pediatric Advanced Life Support® card.

    • Search for 9.4359.435 1.6 continuing education units

      Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

      Addresses the core knowledge necessary to evaluate and manage an adult victim of a cardiovascular emergency or cardiac arrest. This advanced, instructor-led classroom course highlights the importance of team dynamics and communication, systems of care, and immediate post-cardiac arrest care. Skills are taught in large group sessions and small group learning and testing stations where case-based scenarios are presented. Offered as Provider, Recertification and Instructor courses. A valid AHA BLS Provider card is required. Not required, but recommended for success in the class are a good understanding of ECG interpretation and emergency cardiac pharmacology.

    • Search for 9.4379.437 .5 continuing education credits

      CPR/First Aid/AED

      A classroom, video-based course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage a first aid, choking or sudden cardiac arrest emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives. Students learn skills such as how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies. Upon successful completion of the written and practical portions of the course, students will receive an American Heart Association’s (AHA) Emergency First Aid Heartsaver® card. This course is specifically for employees who require this type of certification in the workplace.

    • Search for 9.4389.438 .5 continuing education units

      CPR Basic Life Support

      Offers a basic life support plan for emergency care of cardiac victims until Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) take responsibility for the victim. This is a Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider and Instructor course designed to help students recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and cardiac arrest that pose a threat to life. Using techniques that emphasize the importance of the “CABs,” students are taught assessment skills that allow evaluation of Compressions, Airway management, and assisted Breathing techniques using one- and two-rescuer strategies on adults, children and infants (excluding the newly born), airway obstruction relief, as well as how to appropriately use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Course is taught at the Provider level through the American Heart Association (AHA) and results in a CPR, Basic Life Support Provider card upon successful completion.

    • Search for 9.4399.439 .3 continuing education units

      CPR Basic Life Support - Recertification

      This course is for current BLS Provider card holders who want to recertify. Presents lecture and manikin practice in the principles of giving one- and two-person adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation; airway obstruction; and AED use. Successful completion leads to a Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider card recertification.

    • Search for 9.4509.450 Variable continuing education units

      Massage Therapy Continuing Education

      Designed to provide continuing education hours in the areas related to the practice of massage and bodywork.
      Prerequisites: Must be a licensed massage therapist in Oregon.

    • Search for 9.4579.457 1 continuing education unit

      Medical Assistant Skill-up

      Prepares current medical assistants for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) certification through the National Health Careers (NHA) Examination, which meets “meaningful use” compliance for clinics and physicians who treat Medicare patients. The course consists of lecture, critical thinking activities, online practice exams, videos and role playing, and practice of skills and procedures as outlined in the exam content on the NHA website. Topics include review of administrative front office skills, EHR, anatomy and physiology, ethics and medical law, clinical and back office procedures, phlebotomy, lab processing, communication skills and medical terminology. Also included are EKG, medication, pharmacology and general patient care. Students will be provided with electronic study materials as well as a packet of skills and procedures.

    • Search for 9.4609.460 2 continuing education units

      Advanced Health Care Topics

      Focuses on a variety of topics dealing with advanced health care issues.

    • Search for 9.4619.461 .6 continuing education units

      Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) - Sealants

      Prepares certified dental assistants with expanded functions (in Oregon) to place pit and fissure sealants while under the indirect supervision of a dentist.

    • Search for 9.4649.464 1.6 continuing education units

      Dental Training Update

      Provides continuing education hours in the areas related to the practice of dentistry.

    • Search for 9.4669.466 2 continuing education units

      Expanded Duties Dental Assisting

      Prepares students for the written portion of the Dental Assisting National Board's (DANB) exam in expanded functions for the chairside dental assistant (EFDA). Expanded functions are determined by the Oregon Board of Dentistry, and may change without prior notice. The class is designed to prepare students in the following sections: placing matrix bands; polishing amalgam fillings; cement removal; taking impressions; coronal polishing; and fabricating temporary crowns.

    • Search for 9.466A9.466A 3 continuing education units

      Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Lab

      Optional lab for working dental assistants. Prepares students for the written portion of the Dental Assisting National Board's (DANB) exam in expanded functions for the chair-side dental assistant (EFDA). Expanded functions are determined by the Oregon Board of Dentistry, and may change without prior notice. The class is designed to prepare students in the following sections: placing matrix bands; polishing amalgam fillings; cement removal; taking impressions; coronal polishing; and fabricating temporary crowns.

    • Search for 9.4679.467 4.4 continuing education units

      Dental Radiology

      Prepares students for two Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) exams: the written Radiation Health and Safety Exam and the Clinical Exam in Radiologic Proficiency. Successful completion of both exams earns the student a certificate in Radiologic Proficiency from the state of Oregon, which legally allows the student to expose radiographs. Successful completion of both exams also fulfills one of DANB’s three CDA components.

    • Search for 9.467A9.467A 4 continuing education units

      Dental Radiology Clinical Lab

      Prepares students for the Dental Assisting National Board’s (DANB) Clinical Exam in Radiologic Proficiency. Successful completion of this exam is one of two requirements for a student to earn a certificate in Radiologic Proficiency from the state of Oregon, which legally allows the student to expose radiographs. Successful completion of both radiology requirements also fulfills one of DANB’s three CDA components.

    • Search for 9.4689.468 2 continuing education units

      Infection Control

      Prepares students for DANB's Infection Control exam, a component of the CDA exam. Includes the following sections: patient and worker education, prevention of cross contamination, maintain aseptic conditions, perform sterilization procedures, environmental asepsis and occupational safety.

    • Search for 9.4699.469 3 continuing education units

      Chair-side Assisting

      Prepares students for Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) exams, state certification through the Oregon Basic exam and/or national certification through the General Chair-side exam (check with DANB to confirm eligibility requirements). Includes collection and recording of clinical data; chair-side dental procedures; oral anatomy; chair-side dental materials (preparation, manipulation, application); lab materials and procedures; patient education and oral health management; infection control procedures; occupation safety; legal issues; prevention and management of emergencies; and office management procedures.

    • Search for 9.5019.501 .8 continuing education units

      Leadership for Small Business Owners and Managers

      Introduces high-impact leadership for small business owners and managers. Reintroduces the mission, vision, and goals of their enterprises to owners and managers, and encourages them to take their enterprises to new heights in performance excellence.
      Prerequisites: Employed as business and industry owners and managers.

    • Search for 9.5099.509 .6 continuing education units

      Introduction to Conflict Management

      Increases skill in managing responses to conflict in an organization to increase effectiveness as a business owner and supervisor. Explores the primary conflict situations and strategies and how each impact a successful supervisor.
      Prerequisite: Manager and staff supervisor experience is preferred.

    • Search for 9.5109.510 1.6 continuing education units

      Continuous Process Improvement

      Provides participants with information and practice in process management and improvement using a comprehensive simulation for practicing the quality tools of CPI.
      Prerequisite: Completion of Foundations of Quality Training will be helpful.

    • Search for 9.5129.512 .8 continuing education units

      Train the Trainer

      Designed for individuals who are considering becoming independent instructors in the field of customized training to meet the information and technology growth that is overtaking business and industry. Includes entry-level, specialized, technical, and tailored training. Presents specific tips, techniques, and approaches to establish better employee/student training and develop excellent instructional courses.
      Prerequisite: Desire to provide technical instruction for fellow employees or students.

    • Search for 9.5139.513 2.4 continuing education units

      Managing People

      Focuses on effectively working with employees. Through discussions, exercises, and self examinations, managers will learn to increase efficiency and productivity through thinking strategically, communicating effectively, motivating staff, working as a team, evaluating employees, setting goals, adapting to change, coping with stress, and delegating.

    • Search for 9.5189.518 1.2 continuing education units

      Call Center Training

      Teaches call center managers, front-line staff and supervisors, training specialists, and quality monitoring/assurance specialists the components needed for developing a quality assurance program and tools.

    • Search for 9.5209.520 2.4 continuing education units

      Leadership Skills for Managers

      Focuses on understanding what motivates people and the principles of planning, management, and communication. Students develop a consistent, personal style of leadership that fits them and their work environments. This course helps students identify personal and managerial strengths and use them to hone their leadership abilities, increase productivity by using personal influence and one-on-one motivational techniques, develop practical strategies that encourage innovation and creativity, and adopt a leadership style that is consonant with the student and their company.

    • Search for 9.5269.526 2.4 continuing education units

      Human Resources Essentials: Safe Hiring, Managing and Firing Practices

      Studies the legal requirements and best practices of effective management. The course focuses on the laws that govern hiring employees and independent contractors including managing, developing policy and procedure manuals, and firing decisions so students learn to make safe, effective business decisions for themselves and their companies.

    • Search for 9.5289.528 1.2 continuing education units

      Project Management

      Provides the essential basics of project management including framework, planning, and execution of projects covering all scopes and types of projects independent of software.

    • Search for 9.5499.549 2.4 continuing education units

      Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting

      Applies basic bookkeeping and payroll procedures in the business or professional environment. Students will be able to understand and use financial statements such as profit and loss statements, cash flow and balance sheets.

    • Search for 9.5709.570 .9 continuing education units

      Business Survival - Job Costing and Managing Expenses

      Provides business owners and managers with training to allow them to profitably bid and estimate products and services by taking all costs into consideration. Includes study in marketing, presentation, preparation, closing and follow up.

    • Search for 9.6299.629 1.2 continuing education units

      Water Treatment, Collection, and Distribution Training

      Provides water treatment, collection, and distribution training for water treatment employees preparing for state licensure or license holders fulfilling continuing education requirements. Topics are presented in seminar formats throughout the year.

    • Search for 9.6329.632 1.2 continuing education units

      Crystal Reports

      Covers basic- and advanced-level skills in Crystal Reports such as creating, viewing, saving and modifying reports, absolute and conditional formatting, sort and select records, grouping, summarizing, formulas and functions, using experts and wizards, and exporting and distributing reports.

    • Search for 9.7109.710 .9 continuing education units

      Microsoft Access

      Focuses on how to use the data base features in Microsoft Access within the Windows environment. Topics include how to create, use, and maintain a data base, creating and changing the structure, search conditions on records, and adding/deleting records.
      Prerequisites: Employment by a public agency or private business, or membership in a professional organization requiring continuing education units (CEUs) for skill enhancement.

    • Search for 9.7229.722 .4 continuing education units

      Smartphones for Your Business

      Covers the diverse functionality of smartphones (both Android and iPhone). Business owners can be more efficient and effective by learning step-by-step guidelines to create connections to email, Facebook, order systems and customer information. Smartphone cameras can document and share information instantly from scope of work and bids or estimates to job progress, completion and billing.

    • Search for 9.7239.723 .8 continuing education units

      Internet and Email Essentials for Business Owners

      Introduces business owners to security guidelines, changing a homepage, using search engines, and downloading and printing information. Students will be introduced to common email application functions and features.

    • Search for 9.7259.725 1 continuing education units

      Adobe Acrobat Standard

      Teaches business professionals to reliably create, combine, and control Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution and collaboration.

    • Search for 9.7299.729 1.2 continuing education units

      PowerPoint Presentation

      Introduces the use of PowerPoint to create and enhance presentations.
      Prerequisites: Employment by a public agency, private business, or membership in a professional organization requiring continuing education units (CEUs) for skill enhancement.

    • Search for 9.7329.732 .8 continuing education units

      Computer Essentials for Business Owners

      Includes hands-on introduction to the computer environment in which participants will learn the essential skills for using a computer. There will be instruction and exercises in performing routine tasks using common keyboard and mouse functions. This course is intended for business clients who are new to computers and/or have limited experience. Topics will be presented and discussed in relatively non-technical terms.

    • Search for 9.7369.736 3.0 continuing education units


      Covers beginning, intermediate and advanced functions in the QuickBooks accounting system. Covers setting up sales and accounts receivables, bank deposits, inventory, labor charges, invoicing, statements, purchasing, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, customized reports, payroll, and advanced financial reporting.

    • Search for 9.7419.741 1.6 continuing education units

      Microsoft Excel

      Covers all features and levels of Microsoft Excel.

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      Microsoft Word

      Covers all features and levels of Microsoft Word in the Windows environment.

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      Clerical Skills Update

      Students will be able to construct sentences using proper grammar and punctuation; use appropriate abbreviations and symbols; clarify words often confused and misused; use effective proofreading and editing techniques; ensure appropriate formatting; construct professional business letters, memorandums and other office communications; and distinguish between different forms of address.
      Prerequisites: Employment in a clerical position requiring skill enhancement.

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      Business Management Tools with Excel

      Covers business management features and functions of Microsoft Excel. This course will introduce business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to the capabilities and features of Excel that enable the management, analysis, and presentation of financial, sales, marketing, and production business information.

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      Pesticide Applicator Training

      Covers the basics of pesticide applications and prepares students to pass the pesticide applicator test.
      Prerequisite: Students employed in a field requiring pesticide applicator licensure to perform job description.

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      Wine Grape Horticulture

      Provides valuable information to grape producers on subjects that include irrigation, soil nutrition, vine physiology, vineyard management, vineyard site selection, introduction to wines, wine marketing, business planning, and viticulture practices.

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      Forest and Natural Resource Management

      Teaches a variety of skills to forestland owners, forestry contractors, natural resource professionals, and small acreage owners to help protect, manage, or simply promote the ecology of local trees and forests.

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      Horticultural Cottage Industry

      Focuses on marketing skills, ways to increase production and management of crops, and cost effective and efficient skills needed for those in various horticultural cottage industries.

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      Agriculture Update

      Explores the various techniques to improve management of crops and livestock for professional farmers and ranchers.

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      Landscape Technology Update

      Updates current field practices for individuals working in landscape maintenance, architecture design or other contracting trades.

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      Ornamental Pruning

      Covers various styles and techniques of ornamental pruning and planting of trees and shrubs. Thinning, heading back, hedging, espalier, topiary, bonsai, pollarding, and other styles will be demonstrated. Hands-on practice will be included in garden and greenhouse settings utilizing specialized tools and materials.

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      Vegetative Propagation

      Covers techniques used by professional growers to obtain plants by methods other than seeding. These include cuttings, divisions, and layering.