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  • Search for ED101ED101 3 credits

    Introduction to Observation and Experience

    Introduces the role and work of instructional assistants through casework and weekly field trips. Provides students direct experience with educational settings and opportunities to examine the attitudes and work habits which influence job effectiveness and satisfaction.

  • Search for ED113ED113 3 credits

    Instructional Strategies in Language Arts and Reading

    Introduces students to the reading process as well as the skills and techniques used in providing supplemental reading instruction to elementary-aged students. Focuses on teaching reading for meaning through the use of the four cueing systems of comprehension strategies, developing sight and meaning vocabulary, connecting reading and writing, and understanding appropriate uses of graphophonics.

  • Search for ED114ED114 3 credits

    Instructional Strategies in Math and Science

    Prepares educators to help children learn specific mathematical content (facts, skills, concepts), apply mathematical ideas to solve problems, and to foster a positive attitude toward mathematics. Concepts include patterns, estimation, graphing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

  • Search for ED120ED120 1 credit

    Leadership I

    Introduces basic skills in leadership. Special attention is given to developing basic leadership skills and cultural systems awareness.
    Prerequisites: BT113 or WR115 (may be taken concurrently).

  • Search for ED121ED121 1 credit

    Leadership II

    Introduces basic skills in leadership. Special attention is given to assessing and developing basic management skills and organizational systems awareness.
    Prerequisite: BT114 or WR121 (may be taken concurrently).

  • Search for ED122ED122 1 credit

    Leadership III

    Selected projects are provided to teams of students that will require the use of effective leadership and management skills to achieve success. Special attention is given to assessing and providing students meaningful coaching and feedback on their use of key leadership and management skills.
    Prerequisite: BT114 or WR121 (may be taken concurrently).

  • Search for ED125ED125 13 credits

    Tutoring Adults

    Provides techniques for assisting adult students with basic communication and computational skills. Includes practice in tutoring adults in reading, writing, math, or English as a Second Language.
    Prerequisite: RD30 or designated placement test score.

  • Search for ED130ED130 3 credits

    Comprehensive Classroom Management

    Provides current theory and methodology for managing small and large groups of students effectively so that students choose to be productively involved in instructional activities. The four focus areas are understanding students’ personal/psychological and learning needs; establishing positive teacher-student relationships; implementing instructional methods that facilitate optimal learning; and using organizational and group management methods that maximize on-task student behavior.

  • Search for ED131ED131 3 credits

    Applied Learning Theory

    Examines the principles of teaching and training with emphasis on applying adult learning theory. Focus will be on designing and evaluating learning outcomes. Designed for computer science informatics majors or students with strong content area knowledge who have little background in adult learning theory and its application to teaching and training.
    Prerequisite: WR121; SP111 recommended.

  • Search for ED132ED132 3 credits

    Evaluation Techniques

    Introduces students to the uses and limitations of evaluation in the classroom, including grades, curves, and measurement of achievement.

  • Search for ED165ED165 3 credits

    Child Development

    Explores child growth and development from the prenatal period through middle childhood. Course may include an online component.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR115 or designated placement test scores.

  • Search for ED169ED169 3 credits

    Overview of Students with Special Needs

    Covers the handicapping and medical conditions that teachers in the public and private sector must be able to recognize and understand in order to plan accordingly. These conditions include learning disabled, mentally retarded, severely emotionally disturbed, speech and language impaired, autism, traumatic brain injuries, Tourette's syndrome, and attention deficit disorder. At-risk youth will also be covered.

  • Search for ED170ED170 2 credits

    Introductory Practicum

    Provides supervised teaching of children in a variety of classrooms (one credit per term). The student will be assigned to a different site for each practicum credit. Criminal history check required as students will be in early childhood or elementary school settings. Course includes an online component.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR115 or designated placement test scores; ECE125, ECE161, ECE163 or ED165.

  • Search for ED199ED199 Variable credit

    Special Studies: Education

    Presents special topics of study in education through workshop, seminar, research, and/or independent study formats. Content varies according to department needs and demand.

  • Search for ED212ED212 3 credits

    Schools and Society

    Provides an overview of public education in the United States today. Contemporary purposes and practices in relation to historical trends and philosophical issues will be explored. Organization, financing, and operation of local school districts will be discussed.

  • Search for ED213ED213 3 credits

    Advanced Instructional Techniques in Language Arts

    Prepares students to use a variety of instructional strategies that build upon the foundations of reading developed in ED113. Students will compare and contrast current instructional strategies and explore the interactive nature of language, reading, writing, and spelling.

  • Search for ED214ED214 3 credits

    Advanced Instructional Techniques in Math and Science

    Prepares students to use a variety of instructional strategies that build upon the foundations of math in ED114. Explores manipulative math across the curriculum as well as operations with rational numbers, probability, geometry, measurement, time, and money.
    Prerequisite: ED114.

  • Search for ED258ED258 3 credits

    Multicultural Education

    Covers the philosophy, activities, and materials used in developing a culturally sensitive multicultural classroom and curriculum.

  • Search for ED259ED259 3 credits

    Foundations of Education

    Investigates the historical, social, legal and philosophical foundations of education. It provides an overview of the structure and contemporary issues of the American education system, and explores the roles and ethical considerations of the education profession. Course may include an online component.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR115 or designated placement test scores.

  • Search for ED266ED266 3 credits

    Current Issues in Special Education

    Explores current issues in special education such as current philosophical frameworks, legislative changes, emerging conditions, and technological advances.

  • Search for ED268ED268 3 credits

    Introduction to Developmental Disabilities

    Covers the theory, techniques, services, and funding for working with disabled students.

  • Search for ED280ED280 Variable credit

    Cooperative Work Experience/Education

    Provides work-related experience and study in selected occupational environments.

  • Search for ED282ED282 3 credits

    Community College Teaching

    Assists new, continuing, or adjunct instructors in developing and refining the skills necessary to apply successful strategies in a community college learning environment. Addresses shifting paradigms in teaching/learning. Includes learning outcomes, assessment strategies, brain-based teaching, and student-centered instruction. Includes the role of community colleges and the resources and structure for teaching at RCC.
    Prerequisite: WR121 or approval of instructor.