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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Work Environment: Investigative
Working with theory and information, analytical, intellectual, scientific:
Job Title (Holland Code)RCC Program Options (links to graduation guide)
HistoriansBLS site I
SociologistsBLS site IAS
BiostatisticiansBLS siteBright Outlook IC
Computer ProgrammersBLS siteBright Outlook IC
MathematiciansBLS siteBright Outlook ICA
Computer Network ArchitectsBLS site ICE
Industrial EngineersBLS siteGreen Occupation ICE
  • Engineering Interest More about Science
Operations Research AnalystsBLS siteBright Outlook ICE
Computer Systems AnalystsBLS siteBright Outlook ICR
Software Developers, Systems SoftwareBLS siteBright OutlookGreen Occupation ICR
PharmacistsBLS siteBright Outlook ICS
Climate Change AnalystsBLS siteBright OutlookGreen Occupation IE
Industrial-Organizational PsychologistsBLS siteBright Outlook IEA
Management AnalystsBLS siteBright Outlook IEC
Market Research Analysts and Marketing SpecialistsBLS siteBright Outlook IEC
Biochemical EngineersBLS siteBright OutlookGreen Occupation IR
  • Engineering Interest More about Science
Biomedical EngineersBLS siteBright Outlook IR
Chemical EngineersBLS siteGreen Occupation IR
  • Engineering Interest More about Chemistry
MicrobiologistsBLS site IR
PhysicistsBLS site IR
VeterinariansBLS site IR
Zoologists and Wildlife BiologistsBLS siteGreen Occupation IR
Medical Scientists, Except EpidemiologistsBLS site IRA
Molecular and Cellular BiologistsBLS siteBright Outlook IRA
Chemical TechniciansBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
ChemistsBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
Computer and Information Research ScientistsBLS site IRC
Computer Hardware EngineersBLS site IRC
Environmental EngineersBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
  • Engineering Interest More about Science
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including HealthBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
Fire InvestigatorsBLS site IRC
Forensic Science TechniciansBLS site IRC
Industrial Engineering TechniciansBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
Mechanical EngineersBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
  • Engineering Interest More about Science
Network and Computer Systems AdministratorsBLS siteBright Outlook IRC
Nuclear EngineersBLS siteGreen Occupation IRC
  • Engineering Interest More about Science
Software Developers, ApplicationsBLS siteBright Outlook IRC
Environmental Restoration PlannersBLS siteBright OutlookGreen Occupation IRE
Fire-Prevention and Protection EngineersBLS site IRE
  • Engineering Interest More about Science
Soil and Water ConservationistsBLS siteGreen Occupation IRE
AnesthesiologistsBLS siteBright Outlook IRS
Dentists, GeneralBLS site IRS
Nuclear Medicine TechnologistsBLS site IRS
OrthodontistsBLS site IRS
RadiologistsBLS siteBright Outlook IRS
SurgeonsBLS siteBright Outlook IRS
AudiologistsBLS siteBright Outlook IS
Dietitians and NutritionistsBLS site IS
Family and General PractitionersBLS site IS
Nuclear Medicine PhysiciansBLS siteBright Outlook IS
Pediatricians, GeneralBLS site IS
Clinical PsychologistsBLS site ISA
Neuropsychologists and Clinical NeuropsychologistsBLS siteBright Outlook ISA
PsychiatristsBLS site ISA
Allergists and ImmunologistsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
DermatologistsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
Diagnostic Medical SonographersBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
Internists, GeneralBLS site ISR
NeurologistsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
Obstetricians and GynecologistsBLS site ISR
OphthalmologistsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
OptometristsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PhysiciansBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
PodiatristsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
Sports Medicine PhysiciansBLS siteBright Outlook ISR
UrologistsBLS siteBright Outlook ISR

Select a Work Environment / Work Personality:
Realistic | Investigative | Artistic | Social | Enterprising | Conventional

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