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John Holland studied people and work styles. He created a system that matched personalities with work.

    How close are you to these personality types? Each is based on different abilities and preferences. See the chart on the next page for more details.
    Each personality goes with a work environment. If you think a type mostly fits you, look at the environment description. Check the websites listed below. They have exercises and info to match you with the right major.

Holland Code Hexagon

RCC would like to thank Dr. Mary Askew and for allowing us to serve the students of our region with this wonderful resource.
This quiz was adapted from the web site. provides additional information about Holland Codes career assessments, books, and resources.  For more information, please contact -

Dr. Mary Askew
Learning for Life Resource Center
4133 E. Siesta Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(602) 569-1050
[email protected]
Conventional / Organizers Social / Helpers Enterprising / Persuaders Realistic / Doers Artistic / Creators Investigative / Thinkers