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Spanish III (9/21/22-11/30/22)

Course Information

Course ID: .602-R1 Place: HEC-211 Instructor: V. Davila Tuition: $89

Day(s): W Start Date: 09/21/2022 Times: 6:00PM - 7:20PM

Dive even more deeply into Spanish as the instructor focuses on how you learn individually, using your learning style and particular abilities and strengths in lessons. Reviews grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, reading, writing and conversation. Covers verbs in present, present progressive, future (formal and informal), conditional and past tenses. Also includes the use of POR/PARA prepositions and reflexive object pronouns (reflexive verbs). All of them will be integrated through simple and complex sentence constructions, dialogues, text translations, role playing and reading.

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