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Winter 2019

Fall 2018 Continuing Education Classes | RCC Locations

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Allied Healthtop
Grants Pass
CPR Basic Life Support - Provider (2/9/19)C. OsorioS9:00AM - 2:00PMRWC-T1$65
CPR/First Aid/AED (2/2/19)C. OsorioS9:00AM - 2:00PMRWC-T1$85
Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Instructor Training (3/16/19)G. KuhsS9:00AM - 3:00PMRVC-C105$375
CPR Basic Life Support - Provider (3/16/19)D. GriggsS9:00AM - 2:00PMRVC-C113$65
CPR Basic Life Support - Recertification (2/20/19)G. KuhsW5:30PM - 9:00PMRVC-C113$60
CPR/First Aid/AED (3/2/19)M. BeckS9:00AM - 2:00PMHEC-117$85
White City
Adv. Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) (1/10/19-1/11/19)S. BoyersmithTh F9:00AM - 6:00PMTRC-162$290
Adv. Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) - Renewal (1/10/19)S. BoyersmithTh9:00AM - 6:00PMTRC-162$195
Animation: Character Design (1/24/19-3/21/19)P. YoungTh6:00PM - 8:00PMHEC-309$75
Animation: Let's Draw Disney (1/22/19-3/19/19)P. YoungTu6:00PM - 8:00PMHEC-309$75
Beginning Drawing (2/4/19-3/18/19)T. RegottiM6:00PM - 9:00PMHEC-309$75
Portrait Drawing (1/22/19-3/19/19)J. ElderTu6:00PM - 8:00PMHEC-121$75
Watercolor & Acrylic Painting (2/6/19-3/13/19)T. RegottiW6:00PM - 9:00PMHEC-309$75
Arts & Craftstop
Grants Pass
*NEW* Art Quilting Fabric Postcards (2/4/19-2/11/19)J. StokerM5:30PM - 7:30PMRWC-G2$49
Beginning Counted Cross Stitch (3/6/19-3/20/19)J. StokerW5:30PM - 7:30PMRWC-G3$49
*NEW* Beginning Knitting (2/13/19-2/27/19)J. StokerW5:30PM - 7:30PMRWC-G2$49
Beginning Sewing (1/9/19-2/13/19)B. MountW6:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-I4$65
Creating Custom Pottery (1/7/19-3/18/19)A. KalistM W9:00AM - 11:00AMEBEC-3/4$145
Creating Custom Pottery (1/7/19-3/18/19)A. KalistM W11:00AM - 1:00PMEBEC-3/4$145
Creating Custom Pottery (1/7/19-3/18/19)A. KalistM W1:30PM - 3:30PMEBEC-3/4$145
Creating Custom Pottery (1/7/19-3/18/19)A. KalistM W5:30PM - 7:30PMEBEC-3/4$145
Creating Custom Pottery (1/8/19-3/14/19)J. EufusiaTu Th10:00AM - 12:00PMEBEC-3/4$145
*NEW* Digital Photography (1/17/19-3/14/19)C. FineTh6:30PM - 8:30PMSBDC-1$149
Jewelry and Metalsmithing Beginning (1/15/19-3/19/19)D. BussellTu6:00PM - 8:00PMEBEC-6$109
Jewelry and Metalsmithing Intermediate (1/17/19-3/21/19)D. BussellTh6:00PM - 8:00PMEBEC-6$109
*NEW* Sewing Level 2/Beyond Basics (2/14/19-3/21/19)B. MountTh6:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-I4$65
Welded Sculpture (2/12/19-3/21/19)J. HigginsTu Th6:00PM - 8:00PMRWC-Y2$235
Knitting 101 (1/23/19-2/13/19)C. GilesW9:00AM - 11:00AMRVC-G5$49
*NEW* Knitting for All Levels (2/27/19-3/20/19)C. GilesW9:00AM - 11:00AMRVC-G5$49
Glass Blowing Workshop (1/26/19)ContractorS10:00AM - 1:00PMGLASS FORGE$265
Glass Blowing Workshop (2/9/19)ContractorS10:00AM - 1:00PMGLASS FORGE$265
Glass Blowing Workshop (3/16/19)ContractorS10:00AM - 1:00PMGLASS FORGE$265
Computer Training for Professional Usetop
Grants Pass
Getting Started with PowerPoint (2/9/19)T. Jenkins JRS8:30AM - 2:30PMRWC-CH5$99
Microsoft Excel Level I (2/26/19-2/28/19)T. Jenkins JRTu Th5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CH2$99
Microsoft Excel Level II (3/5/19-3/7/19)T. Jenkins JRTu Th5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CH2$99
Microsoft Excel Level III (3/19/19-3/21/19)T. Jenkins JRTu Th5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CH2$99
Microsoft Word Level I (1/29/19-1/31/19)T. Jenkins JRTu Th5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CH2$99
Microsoft Word Level II (2/5/19-2/7/19)T. Jenkins JRTu Th5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CH2$99
Microsoft Word Level III (2/19/19-2/21/19)T. Jenkins JRTu Th5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CH2$99
Outlook for New Users (2/2/19)T. Jenkins JRS8:30AM - 2:30PMRWC-CH5$99
White City
Getting Started with PowerPoint (3/16/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Microsoft Excel Level I (1/26/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Microsoft Excel Level II (2/2/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Microsoft Excel Level III (2/9/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Microsoft Word Level I (2/23/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Microsoft Word Level II (3/2/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Microsoft Word Level III (3/9/19)StaffS8:30AM - 2:30PMTRC-125B$99
Outlook for New Users (3/4/19-3/6/19)StaffM W6:00PM - 9:00PMTRC-125B$99
Driver Trainingtop
Grants Pass
High School Driver Training (1/10/19-3/7/19)B. McNellisTu Th6:00PM - 8:15PMRWC-J2$290
Young Adult Driver Training (1/10/19-3/7/19)B. McNellisTu Th6:00PM - 8:15PMRWC-J2$500
High School Driver Training (1/10/19-3/7/19)A. HerreraTu Th6:00PM - 8:15PMHEC-213$290
Young Adult Driver Training (1/10/19-3/7/19)A. HerreraTu Th6:00PM - 8:15PMHEC-213$500
High School Driver Training (1/10/19-3/7/19)R. PollTu Th4:30PM - 6:45PMCHS-D25$290
High School Driver Training (1/9/19-3/13/19)S. MorelandM W6:00PM - 8:15PMAHS-H14$290
Young Adult Driver Training (1/10/19-3/7/19)R. PollTu Th4:30PM - 6:45PMCHS-D25$500
Young Adult Driver Training (1/9/19-3/13/19)S. MorelandM W6:00PM - 8:15PMAHS-H14$500
Family, Home and Recreationtop
Grants Pass
Easy High Class Appetizers (3/13/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$75
Make Your Own Pasta! (1/23/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$75
Making Bloomy Rind Cheeses (3/6/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$75
Middle Eastern Cooking Magic (1/30/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$75
Soft Cheese Spectacular (2/6/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$75
Thai Cooking (2/20/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$75
Fire Sciencetop
White City
Fire Science Instructor 1 (3/13/19-3/14/19)J. MillerW Th8:30AM - 5:00PMTRC-184/184A$250
Fire Science S203 Introduction to Incident Information (2/25/19-2/28/19)C. PhenixM Tu W Th8:00AM - 5:00PMTRC-184$325
Fire Science Language Skills Assessment (3/2/19)C. PhenixS9:00AM - 5:00PMTRC-100$130
Fire Science: RT130 Annual Wildfire Safety Refresher (3/16/19)T. DoriganS9:00AM - 5:00PMTRC-100$65
Fire Science: S339 Division Group Supervisor (3/4/19-3/7/19)K. PaulM Th8:30AM - 5:00PMTRC-184$325
Grants Pass
Pickle Ball for Fitness (1/7/19-3/20/19)T. WallaceM W5:30PM - 7:50PMRWC-GYM$49
Foreign and Sign Languagetop
Grants Pass
Spanish I (1/15/19-3/19/19)M. GrayTu6:00PM - 7:30PMRWC-G3$75
American Sign Language I (1/15/19-3/7/19)V. FoustTu Th4:30PM - 6:00PMHEC-211$79
American Sign Language II (1/15/19-3/7/19)V. FoustTu Th6:00PM - 7:30PMHEC-211$79
Spanish I (1/10/19-3/14/19)V. DavilaTh6:00PM - 7:30PMHEC-117$75
Spanish II (1/8/19-3/12/19)V. DavilaTu6:00PM - 7:30PMHEC-117$75
Industry Training/Professional Certificationtop
Property Management License Training (1/17/19-2/28/19)ContractorTh6:00PM - 8:00PMHEC-112$550
Music & Theatertop
Grants Pass
Fundamentals of Acting (1/8/19-3/21/19)P. DrevetsTu Th2:30PM - 4:20PMRWC-ROGUE$149
Illinois Valley Chorus (1/15/19-3/19/19)C. CampbellTu6:30PM - 8:30PMKBB-4$45
Rogue Community Chorus (1/7/19-3/18/19)D. PrattM6:00PM - 8:00PMRWC-T1$45
Fundamentals of Acting (1/8/19-3/21/19)P. StengelTu Th12:00PM - 1:50PMRVC-C109$149
Group Guitar (1/7/19-3/18/19)E. Von RadicsM6:00PM - 7:50PMRVC-C109$149
Improvisational Theater (1/8/19-3/21/19)P. StengelTu Th2:30PM - 4:20PMRVC-C109$149
Concert Band (1/7/19-3/18/19)J. BennettM7:00PM - 9:00PMNMS$35
Real Estatetop
Real Estate Broker License Training (1/8/19-3/16/19)ContractorTu6:00PM - 8:50PMHEC-112$600
Realizing the American Dream (2/16/19)ContractorS9:00AM - 5:00PMHEC-121$45
Special Interesttop
Grants Pass
Basic Beekeeping (3/2/19-3/16/19)S. SchmidtS10:00AM - 1:00PMRWC-P2$85
Beginning Tap Dance for Adults (1/15/19-3/19/19)D. SwaffordTu6:00PM - 7:00PMRWC-ROGUE$49
Bonsai and Ornamental Pruning (2/16/19-3/2/19)R. WintersS12:00PM - 3:00PMRWC-J1$45
Dog Training: Canine Good Citizen Training (2/23/19-3/30/19)ContractorS12:00PM - 1:00PMRWC-FIELD$149
Dog Training: Intro to Nosework (2/12/19-3/19/19)ContractorTu5:30PM - 6:30PMRWC-FIELD$149
Dog Training: Intro to Scent Training (2/13/19-3/20/19)ContractorW5:30PM - 6:30PMRWC-FIELD$149
Flavors of Friendship (2/13/19)L. SherrillW6:00PM - 8:30PMRWC-CAFETERIA$35
Write Your Life Story (1/16/19-3/20/19)V. OsborneW11:00AM - 12:00PMRWC-G1$75
Women of Wine (3/8/19)L. WanF6:30PM - 8:00PMSIERRA VINEYARDS$29
Workforce Retention/Job Skillstop
Grants Pass
Massage Therapy Continuing Education: Better Body Motion (2/9/19)D. LongS8:00AM - 4:30PMRWC-M1$99
Massage Therapy Continuing Education: Professional Ethics (3/2/19)J. BloomS8:30AM - 12:30PMRWC-M1$89
Massage Therapy Continuing Education: Sport Massage (1/7/19-3/18/19)K. TambelliniM12:30PM - 3:30PMRWC-M1$165
Small Engine Repair (1/31/19-3/21/19)C. WilsonTh6:00PM - 9:00PMRWC-S3$199
Police Written Examination Preparation (3/5/19-3/14/19)J. HaasTu Th6:00PM - 8:30PMHEC-120$199
White City
Electrical Supervisor Exam Preparation (2/25/19-3/9/19)ContractorM W Th5:00PM - 9:00PMTRC-122$900
Forklift Operator Safety Training (2/23/19)S. MiloS8:00AM - 2:00PMTRC-140$155
Traffic Control Flagger Certification (2/16/19)T. BrowningS9:00AM - 4:00PMTRC-140$195
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Adult Foster Care Provider Training - Ensuring Quality Care (2/13/19-3/13/19)J. HillTBATBAWEB$379