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Winter 2021

Fall 2020 Continuing Education Classes | RCC Locations

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Monday = M, Tuesday = Tu, Wednesday = W, Thursday = Th, Friday = F, Saturday = S, Sunday = Su, TBA = To Be Announced

Allied Healthtop
Grants Pass
Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Provider (1/16/21)C. OsorioS9:00AM - 2:00PMRWC-T1$75
CPR/First Aid/AED (3/13/21)C. OsorioS9:00AM - 2:00PMRWC-T1$115
Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Instructor Training (1/23/21)D. PrestonS9:00AM - 2:00PMRVC-C105$385
Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Provider (2/27/21)A. QuinnS9:00AM - 2:00PMRVC-C113$75
Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Provider (1/16/21)A. QuinnS9:00AM - 2:00PMRVC-C113$75
Basic Life Support - Recertification (3/13/21)A. QuinnS5:30PM - 9:00PMRVC-C113$75
CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor Recertific (1/23/21)D. PrestonS9:00AM - 2:00PMRVC-C105$85
CPR/First Aid/AED (2/13/21)C. OsorioS9:00AM - 2:00PMRVC-C105$115
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Adult Foster Care Provider Training - Ensuring Qua (2/3/21-3/3/21)S. PorterTBATBAWEB$349
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Basic Design (Color Theory) (1/12/21-3/25/21)J. EufusiaTu Th9:00AM - 11:50AMZOOM$149
Basic Design (Composition) (1/11/21-3/24/21)I. KaiM W9:00AM - 11:50AMZOOM$149
Digital Imaging - Photoshop (1/11/21-3/26/21)J. InmanTBATBAWEB$149
Digital Photography (1/11/21-3/24/21)K. PruskoM W4:00PM - 6:50PMZOOM$149
Figure Drawing (1/11/21-3/24/21)T. HelardM W6:00PM - 8:50PMZOOM$149
Illustration (Black and White Media) (1/12/21-3/25/21)T. HelardTu Th10:30AM - 12:30PMZOOM$149
Intro to Drawing (Value) (1/15/21-3/26/21)D. MastersF1:00PM - 3:50PMZOOM$149
Introduction to Drawing (Line) (1/11/21-3/22/21)K. BrakeM1:00PM - 3:50PMZOOM$149
Painting (1/11/21-3/24/21)D. ThanesM W1:00PM - 3:50PMZOOM$149
Painting (1/12/21-3/25/21)I. KaiTu Th1:00PM - 3:50PMZOOM$149
Watercolor II (1/11/21-3/24/21)D. ThanesM W9:00AM - 11:50AMZOOM$149
Driver Trainingtop
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Driver Education Program (Ages 15-17 with OR Permit) (1/6/21-3/8/21)D. PerkinsM W4:30PM - 6:45PMZOOM$310
Driver Education Program (Ages 15-17 with OR Permit) (1/7/21-3/2/21)D. PerkinsTu Th4:30PM - 6:45PMZOOM$310
Driver Training for Young Adults (Ages 18-21) (1/6/21-3/8/21)D. PerkinsM W4:30PM - 6:45PMZOOM$520
Driver Training for Young Adults (Ages 18-21) (1/7/21-3/2/21)D. PerkinsTu W Th4:30PM - 6:45PMZOOM$520
Foreign and Sign Languagetop
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
American Sign Language I (1/12/21-3/16/21)G. GarretsonTu4:30PM - 5:50PMZOOM$79
Home & Gardentop
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Keeping Honey Bees (2/6/21-2/20/21)S. SchmidtS10:30AM - 12:30PMZOOM$35
Industry Training/Professional Certificationtop
White City
Commercial Truck Driving - Advanced Topics (1/21/21-2/3/21)K. CollinsM Tu W Th6:00PM - 8:30PMTRC-A163$540
Commercial Truck Driving - Practical Applications (2/6/21-3/27/21)K. CollinsM Tu W Th6:00PM - 9:00PMTRC-A163$3,683
Forklift Operator Safety Training (2/13/21)A. HerreraS8:00AM - 2:00PMTRC-A140$155
Introduction to Commercial Truck Driver Training (1/11/21-1/16/21)K. CollinsM Tu W Th6:00PM - 8:30PMTRC-A163$560
Nursing Assistant 1 (1/25/21-3/4/21)D. WeaverTBATBATRC-A125C$0
Management Issues for Business Ownerstop
White City
Selected Topics: Welding Capstone Project (1/11/21-3/26/21)T. GiesbrechtM Tu W Th8:00AM - 5:00PMTRC-B17$0
Real Estatetop
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Property Management License Training (1/12/21-2/23/21)ContractorTu6:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$600
Real Estate Broker License Training (1/12/21-3/20/21)ContractorTu6:00PM - 9:00PMZOOM$650