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Allied Health Occupations Program Instructions

Welcome to the Rogue Community College Allied Health Occupations program application.

You can get started on the application and prerequisites now. However, the application cannot be submitted until you have attended an Allied Health Occupations Program Information Session where you will receive the needed code to submit your application.

Spring classes begin April 2, 2018.

Applicant requirements

  • Admitted Rogue Community College student
  • Successful completion of prerequisites prior to program start date
  • Attend an Allied Health Occupations Program Information Session for application submission code
  • Written short answer responses
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Complete and submitted application

Tips for application success.

  • Follow the directions carefully; these are competitive, limited-entry programs
  • Type and save your written responses
  • Application sessions time out after 120 minutes Save often!

Screening process

  • Applications are evaluated on completeness, quality of answers, and submitted materials
  • Top scoring applicants will be invited to a formal interview
  • Finalist will be notified with an acceptance letter via email

Point System

  • Met Prerequisites
    5 points possible
    With a grade of C or better on your Degree Audit, or courses transferred from other schools
  • Two letters of Recommendation
    5 points possible
    Letters of recommendation are accepted from individuals who know you in a formal capacity (instructors, advisors, supervisors, co-workers, case managers etc.) who can speak about your character and experience. Please direct individuals writing a letter of recommendation for you to this Dental: Letter of Recommendation form or all other AHO programs: Letter of Recommendation form.
    We suggest putting a link to the appropriate form into an email to the person you are requesting a recommendation from.
  • Health care experience
    5 points possible
    Write a 200-300 word essay describing any health care experience you have. Was it in a professional setting, or something else? Respond with “NA” if you have no prior experience.
  • Industry Observation
    5 points possible
    Write a 200-300 word essay outlining your discoveries and reflections. You may attend a job shadow or site visit in the field, or you can read a current article, book, or watch an informative career video to accomplish this task.
  • Personal Statement
    5 points possible
    In 200-300 words describe what lead you to apply for a particular Allied Health Occupations program, and how the program would help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.
  • In Person Interview
    50 points possible
    Scoring will be based on completeness of answers, professionalism, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

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    Spring Programs Start April 2, 2018
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