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Emergency Response Plan

Rogue Community College pursues a strong, ongoing program to provide a safe and healthful work and learning environment for all those that use the Campus. An important element of our health and safety program is the College's Emergency Response Plan, which is available to everyone.

All supervisory personnel, security and selected members of Facilities have certain definite and specific responsibilities in case of emergency. This Emergency Response Plan is provided to inform you exactly what your responsibilities are and just where you fit in each emergency operation.

Study the plan carefully. Know the emergency phone numbers to call. Follow the emergency evacuation routes. Familiarize yourself with the location and use of emergency equipment, including familiarization of the Emergency Procedures Brochure provided in each building. Be sure you are prepared so the people who look to you for leadership will not suffer unnecessarily in an emergency situation, and remind your fellow employees to review their Emergency Plan summary.

Remember that we are counting on you to help protect the health and safety of our family if trouble strikes.