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Students Scholarship Program from Tour-of-Britain 2018 (ID 3829)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
1st Place: 1500$

2nd Place: 1000$

3rd Place: 500$
The purpose of the Bicycle Scholarship Program is to attract students to the healthy lifestyle. As we all know, sports and proper nutrition are the main components of a healthy lifestyle. So, we offer to students the opportunity to share their knowledge of cycling & healthy lifestyle and, get cool awards for that. Are you interested in? Then read the terms of the contest!

Contact Information


To take part in our contest, you need to write an essay on one of the proposed topics. All topics will be targeted, at cycling and healthy lifestyle.
Special Criteria:
• Full Name
• Email Address
• Gender
• Age
• Name of College or University
• min. 1000 Word Essay “TITLE OF YOUR TOPIC”

Essay Topics:

1. How to Encourage Bicycling Among College Students
2. Why Cycling is the Best Sport Ever
3. Argumentative essay: Cycling is My Way to a Healthy Lifestyle
4. Cause and Effect Essay: Ways to Lose Weight With Your Bike
5. The Main Bike Safety Rules Every New Cyclist Needs to Know
6. From own experience: My Safe And Healthy Cycling Tips For Long-Distance Rides
7. Descriptive essay: How to Cycle in Snow
8. Descriptive essay: How to Cycle in The Rain
9. Cause-and-effect analysis: How to Avoid Cycling Injuries
10. Why will I watch «Tour of Britain 2018» And Why Would/ Wouldn’t I Like to Participate in This Competition?