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Design Contest Students Aid Program (ID 3762)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
We at DesignContest understands students’ financial struggle through their education, thus decided to launch the financial aid program for the brightest minds out there.

DesignContest Scholarship program will award thirteen $1500 aids per year to students that demonstrate top research academics skills.
In order to win $1500 Scholarship, you need to strike us with your creativity, talent, and critical thinking by writing a well researched essay. Note that only the students who are enrolled in registered colleges, universities, and high schools can take part in this scholarship program.

Contact Information


All students are eligible to apply.
Special Criteria:
Essay Requirements:

• The essays written in other languages won’t be allowed to participate in the award selection.
• Must be responsive to one of the topics mentioned above.
• Incomplete entries won’t be allowed to take part in the scholarship program- should be 1500 - 2000 words long
• Original, inventive, informative (please, note, all the essays will be checked for plagiarism)
• Well-researched- Must be properly structured and formatted
• References and sources should be clearly defined.

Once you are ready to submit, email your work to along with your:

• Full name
• Telephone number
• Mailing address.
• Proof of enrollment in to your educational institution.
• Completed essay in MS Word format.