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Scholarship Description

Start Date:
It is our pleasure to present our first annual scholarship. We hope this scholarship helps to empower students in pursuit of higher education and to give a little back to our community. As an educational resource for those who are interested in understanding the complexities of cryptocurrency, we understand now more than ever the value of a strong education for the future of our society. We are dedicated to giving back to those who are interested in pursuing deeper knowledge of finance and economic studies and that is the cryptocurrency scholarship focus, which asks applicants to take a deeper look at any Coin or Token of their interest and explain its potential impact on the world.

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To qualify for the Scholarship you must be either 1. a graduating high school student in good academic standing with an offer of acceptance from an accredited institution of higher education or a current student enrolled in an accredited university.
Special Criteria:
Application Requirements
Please write a 1500-2000 word essay about any cryptocurrency coin or token of your interest. Please explain how you believe the specific currency of your choice will impact the world and the people that use, own, store or exchange the coin/token. Please also comment on how it either solves a unique need that hasn’t been solved or improves upon an existing solution.
Please also submit proof of future or continued enrollment at the time of your application.
Please also be advised that we will retain the rights to share your submission publicly as explained in our policy below.