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Grosvenor Montessori Schoo (ID 3113)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Here at Grosvenor Montessori School, we recognize that the future will be shaped by the bold. At this very moment, young visionaries from all over the globe are recognizing the need for innovation, reshaping the way we understand business, and revolutionizing systems.

Every day, we meet thousands of these inspiring young individuals with big dreams, great determination and an intense desire to change the world for the better. We believe potential like this should be encouraged, developed, and fostered until it becomes mature enough – immense enough – to impact society, touch lives and move nations. That’s why, we at Grosvenor Montessori School are reaching out to this generation of dreamers and we would like to give them the privilege to nourish their dreams to the fullest.

Contact Information


If you are a dynamic, passionate, hard-working student in high school, college, university, or trade school, create a 2-5 minute video (please, not more) explaining why you think education is the key to a brighter future, and how you can shape society.
Special Criteria:

We want to hear what motivates you. What are you passionate about? What have you already done to help uplift society?

Show us your vision and you might just be the lucky winner to receive a $1,000 scholarship grant from Grosvenor Montessori School.

Application Process

Upload your video in YouTube with the title “Grosvenor Montessori School Scholarship Program by [insert your name]”. Include a link to this page in the description of your video and email your active YouTube link to with the following information:

Your name
Mailing address
Contact number
Name of your current school
Name of the school you’ll be attending
Your area of study
Your brilliant plans to better your future