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CreditPilgrim.coms Annual Credit Repair Scholarship Program (ID 3058)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Description: has helped tens of thousands of readers solve their credit problems by first understanding how the credit industry works and then empowering them to take back control over their credit life.

Mastering these lessons early can make the difference between financial freedom and debt servitude for decades. That’s why understanding these concepts is so important while you are still in college. For that reason, we encourage you to apply for the “ Credit Repair Scholarship Program”.

Getting through college can be expensive. Many students graduate not only with a bachelors degree, but also with so much debt that it’s bigger than many other people’s mortgages. Of course, sometimes students have no choice but to finance their education with loans. But even if they do, they don’t have to trash their credit scores and credit history as a result.
That’s why we want to support you by encouraging you to apply for the “ Scholarship Program.”

Contact Information


We encourage you to apply if you are a current full-time student at any accredited US university or college and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher working towards at least your Bachelors Degree. You must be currently enrolled and attending school to apply. The award will be sent directly to the financial aid office of the student who wins the scholarship.
Special Criteria:
Eligible students should:

1. Write an essay with no less than 1,200 words explaining why students need to pay attention to their credit score, what aspects of students’ financial future will be at risk with bad credit scores and what they can do in order to repair their credit in case they have low scores.
2. Sign the scholarship rules document and send it with your essay.
3. Send a digital scan of student ID to verify your status as a current student in an accredited US University or College
4. Send all these materials as attachments at one time together with your name, address and headshot photo to: