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Guru Camera Photography Scholarship (ID 2910)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Guru Camera is an online publication which aims to help beginner and amateur photographers improve their camera skills and choose the right equipment.
We know that photography can be an expensive hobby (or indeed profession) to take up and so have decided to create an annual scholarship program to help students who are either:
a) looking to enter a career in photography
b) looking to enter a career which has a close association with photography (i.e. fashion, design).
The scholarship is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students and the award can be used for purchasing course materials, photography equipment, or to assist with costs of living while studying.

Contact Information



The scholarship is open to students currently studying in the USA or the United Kingdom. Students can be any nationality, but must be studying in one of these countries.
The scholarship is open to students who are currently studying photography, or subjects with a close association. For example, we will consider submissions from students studying fashion, graphic design, web design etc (please contact us if you would like to confirm eligibility for your course).
Special Criteria:
We will select one applicant for the award of $1,000.
We want this award to help a student with a real passion for photography, so with this in mind, have decided to create a photographic assignment for the applications.
To apply we will require you to submit a photograph titled ‘what my town means to me’.
The photograph can be either of your home town, or the town in which you are currently studying. Choose a photo which you feel captures the spirit of your town and tell us why you chose it (no more than 200 words).
Other Considerations:
The photo must be taken by you.
The photo may contain people, but selfies are not permitted.