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The Cameraseals Scholarship (ID 2867)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Description: wants to provide its readers, who potentially want to become professional photographers or videographers, with useful tips and advices to help them get closer to their passion and dreams. In addition, we would also like to help as many academic students as possible in reducing their financial burden,
Example: How To Choose A Camera That Is Best For You
Best Camera For Youtube Channel
In order to make the support to happen, we are opening our Annual Scholarship to students with the same interests and hobbies.

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Students, who are in universities or college, are qualified to apply for this scholar requirement. High school students or students under 18 need to have their permission from parents or supervisors.
Anyone with interests and hobbies in becoming a photographer or videographer.
Special Criteria:
The participant will have to write an essay (minimally 1000 words) about photography or videography.
Importantly, the essay should help the readers to deeply understand the nature of being photographers or videographers
Other than that, the essay should be:
Original (Your own work)
Actionable ( The readers can apply to themselves)
Creative (Stand out from other submitted essay)
After you complete the essay, send it to before the end of November ( 30 Nov 2017).
You should provide these as you submit your essay:
Your full name with personal contact information
Which college/university you are studying
Your student ID