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The Legendary Home Services Scholarship (ID 2855)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
The Legendary Home Services Scholarship awards money to applicants that demonstrate an ability to engage in creative thinking and come up with innovative ways to improve customer service from home service related companies

Applicants can either write a blog post or create a video discussing what they can do to enhance the services of these types of companies for the better. If students decide to write a blog post, it must be at least 500 words. If students choose to create a video, it must be between three and five minutes. Applicants should make sure to expand on how training is essential to this process. Also, they should talk about their goals and why they want to make a difference in the world. The inclusion of real world examples is requested and preferred.

The scholarship amount is $500, which can be used to pursue higher education. Submission date expires on September 30th, 2017.

Contact Information



If you are a student at a trade school, high school, university or college, you can apply.
Special Criteria:
Your video needs to stand out. It should showcase who you are as a person and what you believe. Make sure that it is creative and unique. Judges will look to see how compelling, informative and creative the video is.

How To Apply
Come up with a concept for your video or article. Record it or write it, but make sure it does not run over five minutes or 500 words.
If creating a video, navigate to your YouTube page and submit your video. In the description, make sure you put in a link to this page and title the video Legendary Home Services application.

When you have finished uploading, send the active YouTube link to . Make sure you include a few crucial pieces of information. You need to note your name, phone number, and address. State the school you are either currently attending or will be attending; attach proof of your enrollment or acceptance. Mention what you are or will be studying in school.

Keep in mind that when you send in your video, you are giving Legendary Home services permission to use it in promotions or marketing material.

Only one winner is chosen. They will be notified via the information they submitted in their email; if they do not accept the prize within 14 days, a new winner is selected.