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Review 10s Empowering The Education For All Students Scholarship (ID 2849)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Review10s is happy to announce the inauguration of the Scholarship Program where students willing to get integrated with education can take part! Yes, it is not a dream anymore and the initiative, Review 10s – Empowering the Education for All students Scholarship is just the beginning of a smarter world. Every student is cordially welcomed to consort the scholarship program and get educated to lead a brighter future and take the world -“One Step Ahead”!!

This is the scholarship which is not related with any field like financial or technology but every student who are studying in any stream. We are focusing on the empowering of the education system so that everyone can study well and get the right information and learn so many thing. It make him/ her literate more.

No political leader or governments are working on the empowering the education and if they are working on then implementation is going very less so we are taking just a single initiative for the power up in the education system.

No government is going for the following scenarios -:

-How to give education to each and every person of the country who is willing to have education and want to live their life in better way.
-How to boost the level of the education and make it more environments friendly like paperless etc.

In this effort of empowering, we have made a special Empowering the Education and its system for student scholarship which we are going to give the students who are studying in any school or college. We are planning to give $1000 scholarship for that student and will give it every year.

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This is the scholarship for every student of college and school studying in U.S or U.K. or any other country or those students who are planning to attend an U.S. college, school or university for their studies like undergraduate or graduate study, high school, college or any other.
Special Criteria:
All students who want to participate in the scholarship of Empowering the Education For students Scholarship have to fulfill some criteria which we are going to describe now.

All the students have to do a proper research for writing a proper article in 1000+ word on the following topic “How to empowering the Education and its System For Students”. You have to make sure for including some topics like -:

Suggest the role of digitalization and method to improve it.
How we can improve the level of education and make it more environments friendly?
Note -: You have to write only the unique and quality content which can help us in getting to know about the creativity of you.