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The StraightForward Media Engineering Scholarship (ID 1106)

Scholarship Description

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Welcome to StraightForward Media's Engineering Scholarship program! We offer four different $500 scholarships a year exclusively to students attending or planning to enroll in a postsecondary engineering program in the United States or abroad.

Engineering programs attract some of the best and brightest math and science students from around the country and the world. In addition, engineering jobs also promise some of the highest average starting salaries of all collegiate majors, with pay rates often beginning at or higher than $70,000 per year.

Whatever your reason for entering an engineering program, you'll need money to complete your schooling. That's why we created the $500 Engineering School Scholarships, offered four times per year. You can apply online now.

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Engineering Fields
Entering an engineering program.
Special Criteria:
What counts as engineering?

Good question. What we're referring to here is fairly straightforward -- programs such as electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical, aerospace/aeronautical, agricultural, computer, systems, industrial, etc. But we know that we're not aware of every single type of engineering program out there, so we can't provide a comprehensive list of what does and doesn't constitute "engineering school."

In the end, if you think there's some reason to doubt that we'd consider your program "engineering school," just explain in your essay why you think it is. We're reasonable and unprejudiced with respect to different types of programs -- just make your case, and your application will likely be considered along with everyone else's.