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PassTools Annual Scholarship Program (ID 4000)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
PassTools is a digital startup platform that discusses and talks about everything related to any trending and useful science & technology.

Here, we have the conviction that technology is a force to reckon in various human interactions. We project that in future, it will be an integral feature in a wide range of activities.

As such it thus implies that it is inevitable to continue developing, enhancing and maintaining technological advancements, particularly for the subsequent generations.

Due to this, we are committed as an entity in ensuring that we promote the development of technology in various fronts. We offer to support the education of the young students, especially at the university level by providing open scholarship programs for interested candidates.

We are doing this as a way of exploring their potential and becoming great technological innovators in the society for the future.

Contact Information



• Graduate and Undergraduate students are welcome to apply.
• Proof of enrollment to the university must be submitted along with the essay.
Special Criteria:
How to Apply?

Applicants for the PassTools scholarship need to write an essay minimum 1,200 words with the following topic: “How will the technology affect human life in the future (the trends and prediction)”.

Also, remember that you’re free to discuss anything relevant to the title as long as it makes sense and communicates clearly.

Then provide your details as indicated in the first page of your article:

• Full Name
• Age
• Email Address
• The name of your School/ College, Department/Course
• Last GPA

Once you’re done, email your essay to : with subject “PassTools Scholarship 2018 + [Your Full Name]”

Note: Please do not submit more than once. After receiving your article, we shall acknowledge your participation via email.