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Rebuilt Future Scholarship (ID 3444)

Scholarship Description

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Description: is a website focused on providing helpful information to those who purchase damaged vehicles with a rebuilt title. For decades, getting damaged vehicles rebuilt and put back on the road has been an efficient way of saving money, especially for low-income families and students. We also see it as a way to save resources and prevent the environment from excess waste. At the same time, we realize how important it is to keep up with technology and progress, and that the sooner vehicles with internal combustion engines are replaced with eco-friendly electro cars the better for the environment.

As we understand how important it is to increase awareness through education we have established an annual scholarship in order to support young people in their academic pursuits, attract their attention to ecological issues and motivate independent thinking and exploration. Applications are now open and we are expecting them in great number.

This year, in order to apply for our scholarship we would like you to express your views in a 1000+ word essay: “Restoring damaged cars: saving the environment or hampering progress?” We chose this topic not just to encourage objective thinking in young creative minds and attract attention to environmental issues but also because we value opinions of new generations and would be honored to invest in those who wish to get our future rebuilt in a better way. We encourage putting forward any bold and challenging ideas, opinions and conclusions but expect you to be fact-oriented in your essay. The essays are accepted as Microsoft Word or PDF document, Font Times New Roman, size 12. The winner will be selected based on the quality of written work. The best essay will be chosen based on relevance, originality, and creativity. The decision of representatives will be final.

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You can apply for the scholarship if you are a young person enrolled in a school/college/university.