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Hit me SEO (ID 3347)

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Start-up companies are a vital part of a healthy American economy. Hit Me SEO in Maryland is committed to providing the best opportunities for students who seek to begin, or grow, a business venture, by expanding their entrepreneurial skills though higher education. Our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to defray the cost of their college expenses, by being rewarded for their current ambitions.

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You must demonstrate ambition, creativity, and an interest in personal growth and development. This can be demonstrated by fulfilling any of the following:
• You are currently an entrepreneur or have knowledge of a business venture you would like to pursue.
• You are currently operating a side business while attending college, high school or current day job
• You are involved in a family business

In the event of a virtual tie, our preference will be for a student set to enroll at a Maryland University, or with a connection to the Maryland area. The primary focus on the competition is who provides the most meaningful essay, not location. This is only in the event of a tie.