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Smart Measurement Scholarship (ID 3233)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
SmartMeasurement has been the leader in manufacturing flow meters. With over 25 years in the industry, it is easy for a company to produce exactly what the consumers need. We have been providing the best-designed solutions for industries with the help of highly trained engineering teams. SmartMeasurement has been making a plethora of flow meter types including ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters, positive displacement flow meters and variable area flow meters with precision for the greater part of past two decades. SMC currently provides all customers with the online stream with a neutral analysis of an array of different flow engineering techniques and innovations. We also specialize in providing online information to your consumers about the kind of technology they should be using, product specifications, design principles and fluid characteristics. We take pride in providing objective technical information that does not favor one flow tech over another.

SMC’s glorious history dates back to 2002 as the supplier of flow measurement instrumentation. Since the finding of the company, we have made our presence felt in over 25 countries. We specialize in regional quality control and excellent customer care. With our 25+ years of engineering experience in the niche, we are able to provide our consumers with superior value products and an extensive choice between flow measurement technologies. Now, we are looking for a student prodigy, who excels in designs of flow engineering application models and developing a better method of bias-free analysis of customer-side flow measurement technologies. We will award one promising young innovator a whopping USD $1,000 prize money (scholarship), which they can use to pay off their tuition fees for school, college or university.

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Min GPA:
Eligibility criteria for applying –

• You need to be studying in high school, trade school, a recognized college or university in the USA.
• You need to be a citizen of the United States of America.
• You need an average GPA of at least 3.0 for applying.
Special Criteria:
How to apply –
Send a short, sweet and exciting video. Give us a brief introduction about yourself and your interest in flow engineering technology. Tell us why you think you should get the USD $1,000 scholarship from SMC.
Do not forget to include the following points in your video as well –

i. How do you plan to address the different need of flow technologies to satisfy our wide range of customers from all kinds of industries?

ii. Do you have a working model of flow meters, industrial flow measurement instruments, and other related utilities?

iii. Do you have a proposal for the improvement of our technical infrastructure (Smart Matrix™)?