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Premier SEO Ninja - Scholarships for Amazing Business Strategies (ID 3198)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
$1000 + Dell Laptop
Premier SEO Ninjas has always been an innovative business in terms of how we acquire clients with strategies such as using our proprietary software to evaluate all traffic (especially paid) to see where the traffic is coming from and if it is even human traffic or in the geographic region that is designated for the search. We’ve also used our newest software to help Amazon sellers change their one-star to three-star ratings to five-star ratings. Another tactic we’ve used is ranking a video to the top of search engines – which always get business owner’s attention. We want to help young people getting their education in a business related field a bonus for their ingenious ideas.

The Premier SEO Ninjas Scholarships Program is to award young business students with the opportunity to show their innovative strategies to acquire new business. We are looking for sharp thinkers that can capture unique ideas about how to get new clients in the door as paying partners.

Please record a three to five-minute video that demonstrates your ingenuity in the area of how to acquire new clients to a business. More points will be given to those that don’t just talk about it – they demonstrate it.

There are three scholarships that will be offered. The first place winner will receive $1,000 for use in funding your higher education and a Dell laptop. Second place winner will receive $750 for use in funding your higher education and Third place winner will receive $500 for use in funding higher education costs.

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Scholarship Qualifications:
You need to show proof of your enrollment in a high school, trade school, college or university. All countries accepted.

What Your Video Submission Will Be Judged On:
Your video content will be judged on creativity, ideas, and persuasion. We’re also looking for any ingenious information regarding how to obtain new clients.