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GreenAir Cleaning Environment Scholarship Contest (ID 3153)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Are you an environmentalist or simply like to live healthy? You might be more of an environmentalist than you think, but just don’t know it. Do you consciously do any of the following?

– Eat healthy/local/organic/vegetarian/vegan foods
– Reduce your consumption of sodas/salty foods/fatty foods/processed foods
– Recycle your waste into landfill, plastic/metal/carton/glass, and paper/cardboard
– Reduce water consumption when brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or showering
– Choose to walk, bike or take public transportation over driving
– Use reusable water bottles instead of plastic disposable water bottles
– Turn off lights, air conditioners, televisions and other electronics when not in use
– Use reusable tote bags when grocery shopping
– Choose less packaged items over heavily packaged items

The list above is just a small sample of how a human being can be mindful of the earth. As society evolves and we develop new technology and processes, we should be able to use more renewable resources and waste less. The best part about being environmentally friendly is you generally save money when you act in favor of the environment. Leaving your television on is not only a waste of electricity but it adds to your utility bill.

Our company, GreenAir Cleaning Systems, is an environmentally friendly cleaning service company specializing in office cleaning. Cleaning is one industry that can have a negative effect on the environment due to wasting water, spraying harmful cleaning agents, and using nonrenewable cleaning supplies, just to name a few. We’ve pinpointed these and several other aspects of the cleaning process to decrease our environmental footprint.

Contact Information


-Students submitting entries to our contest must be currently enrolled in a U.S. college or university for the Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 terms, starting in August 2017.
-Student must be in good academic standing.
-Student must complete our Scholarship Application Form and agree to our Scholarship Agreement.
Special Criteria:
Application Qualifications
1500 Word Minimum Essay
Minimum of Five (5) References/Links/Sources/Resources

Application Process
Please submit the essay in a Word document form with a cover letter stating your full name, college/university, telephone number, email address, and home address to

Applicants must also complete this brief Scholarship Application Form.