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Coffee in My Veins Scholarship (ID 3017)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
At Coffee In My Veins, we value education and firmly believe that everyone should have access to it. It can get very expensive at times, and it is sometimes difficult for students and their families to make ends meet. According to recent data from College Board, the average cost of one year of college(everything included) was $25,000.

To show our dedication to education for all, we are offering a yearly $1000 scholarship to individuals attending or planing to attend an accredited US college.

Note: The scholarship contest will take place anew every year, so one years’ winner will have to apply again the following year.

Contact Information


Individuals attending or planing to attend an accredited US college.
Special Criteria:

To apply for the Fall 2017 scholarship, applicants must submit a 500+ word essay on the following topic:

How can rural Yemenis get Yemeni coffee into more global markets?

We chose this topic because of the current crisis going on in Yemen, in which innocent citizens are losing their lives and livelihoods. Promoting economic and agricultural development will help uplift local Yemenis. Yemeni coffee also has an incredibly unique taste which is brought out in espressos.


The application guidelines are as follows:

Last date for receiving essays is August 21, 2017.
Applications should be emailed to coffeeinmyveins [at] in Word format, no link to Google Docs or PDFs.
Applicants should include their name, address and phone number, and state where they are currently attending or where they plan to attend school.
Please do not include any additional information
Essays will be judged after the deadline according to the following criteria:
Responsiveness to the question
Grammar and style
Thoughtfulness and originality
The persuasiveness of the arguments presented