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Scooterinside Online Scholarship Program (ID 2836)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Scooterinside are reviewing latest tools and products in Travel and Outdoor sports categories and helping consumers to fine the best product which can cover all of their requirements.

Example: Best Electric Scooter, Scooter Batteries and Scooter accessories etc.

We provide informational contents on different types of scooters and scooter accessories. Some of the products we deal with include the following:

Aim Of Our Scholarship
The main aim of our scholarship program is to promote knowledge and awareness on different types of scooters and how to use them correctly on the road to avoid accidents.

According to statistics, young people especially those in school love using scooters. Most of them end up experiencing injuries (both minor and severe) while on the road simply because they lack proper knowledge on the use of scooters.

Accidents are inevitable, and they can happen to anyone. The truth is, even those great scooterists and motorists that you admire also find themselves in accidents at one time or another.

To prevent such incidents from taking place, our $500 scholarship program is trying to promote deep knowledge on the best use of scooters and other accessories while on the road amongst the students.

This will help students get more information about scooters, learn safety procedures and be more careful when using their scooters on the road.

Contact Information



-Students already attending high school and will be attending a recognized college or university in the next academic year.
-Students already in a recognized university or college (both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible).

On top of that, the aspiring candidate must submit an essay of up to 1500 words (maximum) which should provide answers to the following questions:

-How important is social media marketing for small businesses?
-How social media is changing customer acquisition?
-How SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help local businesses to get more clients?
Special Criteria:
Scholarship Details
-A reward of $500 scholarship will be given to the best essay writer.
-Scooterinside public relation department will review all the applications.
-The essays will be evaluated based on how original they are, writer’s writing skills -and accuracy of information and strategies.
-All applications must be submitted on 31 August, 2017.
-Scholarship winners will be announced and informed by 15 September, 2017.