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Monicas Health Magazine Scholarship (ID 2823)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
We strongly believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating right and staying active, is beneficial in building a strong mind and good character that will serve you and others well throughout your entire life. That is why we are proud to announce the Monica’s Health Magazine scholarship, awarded to three qualified applicants each year, in the amount of $2500 (two thousand five hundred U.S. dollars) to each of the two winners. We are happy to help with the growth and education of these individuals that will result in healthier and more productive members of our society.
We encourage anyone who is interested to apply. However, there are a few necessary requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be seriously considered for one of the three annual awards. Below you will find a more specific breakdown of the scholarship details, as well as the requirements for eligibility and guidelines for your essay. If you decide to apply, simply follow the steps below to submit your application.

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To qualify for this scholarship, each applicant must be enrolled in a graduate program, an undergraduate program, or be a high school senior who has a valid acceptance letter to attend an accredited university or college.
The institution in which the applicant is enrolled or attending must be one that is accredited and recognized by the highest educational authorities in the applicant’s country.
Applicants must be able to provide a valid identification card, document containing an identification number, or other legitimate documentation proving attendance at claimed academic institution.
Winners can only be awarded the Monica’s Health Magazine scholarship once.
Applicants are only allowed one (1) submission per year. If an applicant is discovered applying more than once, all applications and essays by that person will be disqualified.
We will thoroughly check the information of each award recipient. Any falsification of submitted information, including plagiarism in the applicant’s essay, will completely disqualify that person from the scholarship program.
The winner of each scholarship is decided by Monica’s Health Magazine. All decisions are final, and will not be subject to appeal or contest.
This scholarship program is open to eligible applicants worldwide, assuming that all requirements are met. Our intended reach to help others succeed is global.
Special Criteria:
Although there are only two steps for submitting your application for consideration, it is extremely important for all applicants to pay close attention to the details in both steps, as well as our strict rules for eligibility.
STEP 1. Submitting Your Essay:
Essay Title: The title of the submitted essay should be “The Monica’s Health Magazine Academic Scholarship Program”.
Essay Subject: Staying healthy can be very beneficial to your life for a variety of reasons, and can happen in a variety of ways.
– Outline why and how staying healthy has contributed to your life? Describe some of the pitfalls experienced, as well as some of the benefits which being healthy can contribute to in the daily life of young adult? How can a person leverage the skills associated with leading a healthy lifestyle to land a dream job and become successful throughout life? –
(The submitted essay must be between 2000 – 2500 words. Be sure to submit a complete essay, remembering to check for any errors. Grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors will deem the submission ineligible.)