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Other types of Skills Training Activities

Employment Skills Training (EST)
EST is a non-financial-aid eligible, state-approved, less-than-one-year certificate program.
Much like the OST program, EST is designed to prepare you for entry-level employment in a specific job with a limited amount of coursework and training. Though it is not financial-aid eligible, it is eligible for training dollars from the Workforce Investment Act. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits or a maximum of 44 credits of coursework and on-the-job training (CWE).  EST is a flexible program, allowing you to take only general-education and elective coursework, or a combination of coursework and CWE depending on your career field needs.  See the EST Advising Guide for more details.

Professional Skills Training (PST)
Professional Skills Training (PST) is an opportunity for students to receive hands-on employment training.
Who is this program for?

Any agency-sponsored student who needs short term training for a job.*
What does the program do?
RCC staff arranges hands-on training for students at local worksites as part of an agency employment plan. This training is unpaid, but RCC covers the employer's Workers Comp insurance. When an individualized training plan has been written in coordination with a counselor from Oregon Worker's Comp, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services, The Job Council or other sponsoring agency, a referral can be made to RCC. RCC staff monitors student progress towards training goals, and assists students in overcoming problems throughout their training. Students may also take classes to gain necessary knowledge.
How does a student begin?
Your agency counselor will complete a Referral Form and help you schedule an appointment with RCC.
Who pays for the program?
Students can only enroll in PST through agencies such as Oregon Worker's Compensation, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services or The Job Council. Students in the PST program are not eligible for federal financial aid.
What kind of jobs can I be trained for?
Students train for a job in which they have an interest and for which they have the ability to become successfully employed. In the past, other students have been trained for:

Auto Lube Tech
Office Assistant
Landscape/Pond Installer
Electronic Repair Tech
Transportation Tech (Broker)
Many other options are available! 

*Trainings can not duplicate an existing college program; there must be jobs currently available in the selected field; and there must be an appropriate training sites is available in the community.

When can I get started?

EST and PST are continuous enrollment programs. Call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to make an appointment to talk with a staff member about your skills training options and which program would be best for you. Call 956-7027 in Josephine County.

For more information about the RCC Certificate Programs please call:
Jennifer Berubee in Grants Pass at 956-7027