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On-the-Job Evaluation

What is On-the-Job Evaluation (OJE)?

OJE is a non-financial-aid eligible, worksite-based training and evaluation activity.  Its purpose is to allow you 1-4 cooperative work experience (CWE) college credits of on-the-job training, assessment and evaluation so that you can be sure a particular career is suitable for you prior to investing a great deal of time and money in training.  It is particularly appropriate if you want to experience the physical demands of the job, but it can also help you determine whether the job is a good fit in other ways.  For example, do you enjoy the primary activities of the job, the type of working environment, and the lifestyle it implies? Any job that is appropriate for Occupational Skills Training (OST) can also be tailored to an OJE.

At the end of your OJE, if you would like to pursue more training in the career you’ve been learning, the CWE credits you have earned may be transferable to an OST or another type of skills training activity.

What does OJE require?

OJEs run for a minimum of 33 hours and a maximum of 132 hours (each CWE credit equals 33 clock hours).  There are no academic requirements for OJE, though workplace competency skills in reading, writing and math are recommended.

When can I get started?

On-the-Job Evaluation is a continuous enrollment program. Call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to make an appointment to talk with a staff member about OJE.Call 956-7027 in Josephine County.

For more information about the RCC Certificate Programs please call:
Jennifer Burkes in Grants Pass at 956-7027