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Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

The program is closed for the fall 2014-15 cohort. We will begin taking applications for next fall in spring 2015.

What is a Medical Assistant? (CMA)
A medical assistant is a health care practitioner qualified by education, experience, and examination to assist doctors in the performance of patient care, examination and documentation. This multi-skilled practitioner, under the supervision of a physician, performs or assists in taking vitals, front office medical administrative tasks, back office clinical procedures and ECG testing. Medical assistants are the face of medical offices and often the first people with whom patients come into contact. They may perform basic medical coding and billing, scheduling, and patient flow and triage. Other duties may include waive testing, phlebotomy and specimen collection. Medical assistants are responsible for recording patient information into the electronic medical records systems and must be able to master several types of computer software programs. Quality improvement, safety, procedural accuracy, and knowledge of regulatory practice standards are defining aspects of this practitioner’s role.

Why Become a Medical Assistant?
With the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act and so many new patients coming into doctors offices', there is a large demand for medical assistants in our area.

How to Apply for the One Year Certificate?
To apply, fill out the online application and answer the short essay question. Fill out the residency verification form and gather evidence needed that is outlined on the second page. You will bring this with you to your interview. We will call for interviews after the application period closes.

How much will it cost?

  • The program is 36-44 credits at $91 per credit for a range of $3,300-$4,050.
  • The cost for Certified Background is $96 plus the cost of getting your immunizations.
  • The book package will be around $300 for the entire program and all other supplies will be provided.
  • You will need to purchase scrubs for your clinical work experience during the second and third quarter that ranges in price.

Who are some of the employers that support the RCC MA program?

Asante Physicians Partners
Valley Immediate Care
Ventana Wellness
Providence Medical Group
Community Health Center
Jackson County Mental Health
Grants Pass Clinic
Ashland Orthopedic Associates

Bear Creek Medical Plaza
Associates for Women’s Health
LCDV La Clinica
Asante Physician Partners
Ambulatory Foot Care
Eagle Point Pediatrics
Medford Women’s Clinic
Dermatology and Laser Associates