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PowerUp Academy

PowerUp Academy

What is PowerUp Academy?

The PowerUp Academy was created by Rogue Workforce Partnership to meet the real-time, skill advancement training needs for businesses in the region. Our Business Outreach Team is a solution-driven service committed to providing excellence in the support of a workforce delivery system. All of our trainings are a direct result of requests by local businesses, and we are continuously adding new trainings to our offerings in a quick, efficient manner, often meeting training needs in just a few weeks.

What can PowerUp Academy do for you?

  • Offer first-rate trainings locally, at just a fraction of the cost
  • Empower you to succeed
  • Provide you with the tools to achieve your organization's goals
  • Create and define trainings, with you, and for you
  • Give you the skills to make smarter business decisions, and increase productivity

Why should you (or your staff) attend PowerUp Classes?

  • The return on investment is assured
  • Skilling up workers  will streamline your business logistics
  • Gaining new skills will give your company the agility it needs in these ever-changing economic times
  • Training Evaluations that are distributed at the end of every class average a 4.45 rating on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Our trainers are successful, real-life experts in the field that they are providing training in
  • You can play a key role in driving the direction of the course material that you will be trained in, thus tailoring the information to suit your businesses' specific needs
  • Because trainings are provided locally, travel expenses are taken out of the equation and you have less out of pocket expense
  • Trainings reinvigorate inspiration

For more information, contact Brandon Bretl at 1-541-245-7901 or visit

Workforce Training Center: Table Rock and Riverside Campus: 1-541-245-7900 Fax: 541-245-7955 Redwood Campus: 1-541-956-7116 Fax: 541-471-3549