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Southern Oregon University
Theatre Arts
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine/Performing Arts (BFA)

Required Courses

University RequirementRCC EquivalencyCredits
USEM101, 102, 103 University Seminar Wr 121, 122 English Composition I, II and Sp 111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 12 
Hst 110, 111, 112 World Civilizations Hst 104, 105, History of World Civilization I, II 
BA 211 & BA 213 Accounting Information I, II BA 211, 212, 213 Financial Accounting I, II, II (recommended for Theatre Business Management concentration) 12 
Art 133 Drawing I Art 133 Introduction to Drawing I 
Art 201, 202 Art History I, II Art 204, 205, 206 History of Western Art I, II, III (recommended for Costume and Scene Design concentration) 12 
Eng 107, 108 World Literature Eng 107, 108, 109 World Literature I, II, III (recommended for Directing concentration) 12 
Mus 100 Music Fundamentals Mus 101 Music Fundamentals I (recommended for Directing concentration) 
Math course at 100 level or above (chosen from SOU general education list) Mth 105 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (or any math 100 level or above chosen from SOU general education list) 
TA 270 Acting Aesthetics TA 141, 142 ,143 Fundamentals of Acting I, II, III 12 
TA 255 Theatre Practice TA 153 Theater Rehearsal and Performance (maximum 6 credits) 

1. Whether incoming freshmen or transfers, all students wishing to pursue a theatre arts major are admitted to SOU as theatre pre-majors and must apply to the Department of Theatre Arts for formal admission to the major. Application forms are available in the department office and may be filed during the first term in residence. New students are required to enroll in Theatre Foundations (TA 166) during their first term at SOU and complete the application process as part of the class.

2. The theatre arts faculty considers applications at the end of each term. Typically, students are not admitted to the major until their third term in residence. However, students who clearly demonstrate that they meet the criteria for admission may have their applications approved prior to their third term.

3. To facilitate a fluid transition into the program, transfer students are strongly encouraged to contact the department at least two full terms prior to arrival at SOU. Transfer students should arrange for an audition and/or interview, which will determine appropriate placement within the training sequence. Students should contact the appropriate faculty listed below for their area of emphasis:

Students interested in a performance (acting) emphasis must contact Dennis Smith, head of the acting program, to arrange an audition for appropriate placement in the acting sequence.

Students with a scenic design, lighting design, stage management, or technical orientation must contact Craig Hudson, head of the design program, to arrange for a portfolio review and/or interview.

Students with an emphasis in sound should contact Chris Sackett, head of the sound program.

Students interested in a costume design or costume construction emphasis must contact Deborah Rosenberg, head of the costume program, for a portfolio review and/or interview.

4. Transfer options for RCC students:
Students planning to transfer to the SOU Theatre Arts program are encouraged to consider the SOU Transfer option to meet the general education requirements. The SOU Theatre Arts program requires specific lower-division theatre courses that are required prior to application to the program.

RCC students may also consider SOU/RCC joint enrollment. This option would allow students to take the required theatre classes on the SOU campus while completing an associate degree at RCC. See your advisor to discuss this option.

Additional Requirements:
1. In addition to meeting the SOU general education and departmental major requirements, students will need to complete the requirements for the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. Students should refer to the BA/BS requirement link below or to PAGE 25 of the 2004-05 catalog for these requirements.

2. To be admitted as a transfer student, resident applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.25 and 36 transferable credits.

NOTE: University requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with RCC advisors or counselors and their transfer institution to ensure the accuracy of their academic plan.

Web Sites:
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Updated 3/27/12