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Peru's daily schedule of classes and international service sociology classes taught online in Oregon; face to face in Peru

The week before the August 3 departure date, you will start your studies in one or both sociology courses (SOC 201 and SOC 215) offered. These hybrid courses run from July 29 to August 30, and will be taught face to face in Peru and by online interaction and assignments here in Oregon. After getting to know each other and being introduced to the challenges of living and working abroad—with the guidance of sociology Professors Tom Barry and Ken Ruettgers—you and the other participants will fly from Portland via Los Angeles and Lima to Cuzco, Peru, arriving at your homestay on August 5. The homestay will last for 20 days.

Peru's Daily Schedule of Classes and Internation Service

Weekdays you'll start with Spanish classes tailored to your level from SPAN 102-203 (students are expected to have completed SPAN101 prior to departure). After lunch and Spanish, you and your classmates will travel in small groups to a variety of service learning sites—one of five non-profit organizations helping residents of Peru. Build your experience, your resume and your cultural sensitivity as you help children with their homework and organize recreational activities; or as you work with teens by helping them practice English or play sports; or as you provide personal attention and organize creative workshops for elderly residents.

Three hours of service learning activities segue into one of two evening Sociology courses, with Sociology 101 meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays and Sociology 215 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In these classes, you will have a chance to reflect on the day's service and traveling experiences, which will provide the foundation for class discussions and assignments. Social class, wealth distribution, religious evolution and cultural mixing will be among the numerous topics covered in Dr. Barry and Dr. Ruettgers's site-relevant sociology courses. Dinners will be your responsibility, but breakfast and a sack lunch will have been provided by your Cuzco homestay family.

Optional Tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

The first weekend (Aug 10) will feature an optional excursion to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. For $45.00 US participants will have a chance to see the Pisac and Ollantaytombo ruins and the foundation of the Royal Incan Palace at Chincheros. These ruins spread out over several acres and offer the opportunities to explore ancient baths, temples, farms and fortifications. The tour also allows for a visit to an open air market at one of the artisan towns.

Machu Picchu Excursion

The second weekend (Aug 17) highlights the experience of the Incan world with your group's trip to UNESCO's World Heritage site of Machu Picchu, filled with stonework so perfect that the cracks between blocks cannot be penetrated with the blade of a pen knife. Machu Picchu's city walls, its terraces built onto the hillsides, and its ramps leading into the center allow the site to blend in both naturally and beautifully into its rocky landscape. All of these architectural achievements are even more impressive considering the temple and its surroundings were built some 500 years ago, when the Incas did not have access to iron, steel, or wheels.

After the final week of Cuzco-based classes, you will celebrate your successful Spanish learning and enjoy one last evening with your homestay family. Students return on the group flight on August 24, arriving in Portland in the afternoon of August 25. During the week after their return, students will finish their sociology courses through online assignments and interactions.