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Students should choose a minimum of 12 credits from among the following course options. Note that Humanities 105 and Italian language are required courses and a full load consists of 12 to 14 credits.

HUM 105 Italian Life and Culture (2 credits)

Taught by the AIFS faculty in Florence. The student will gain a broad overview of contemporary Italian society by examining cultural traditions and values.  Besides topical lectures by native guest speakers, the course engages students in experiential learning through field trips to such historic and cultural sites as Etruscan Fiesole, the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Museum, and the Medici Pitti Palace.

Italian 101 (and one higher level course if needed, 4 credits)

Taught by the AIFS faculty in Florence. Designed for the beginner. Emphasizes active communication in Italian. Develops students’ basic skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Melody McMurry, Portland Community College,

With a Masters's in Sociology and an Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Portland State, Melody also brings a wealth of experience from her 2005 quarter abroad in London. She has remarked, "While this was the most intimate experience with students during my teaching career, I cannot say it was the easiest. There are many challenges in the personal lives of students abroad as well as academic challenges(materials, technology, languages, libraries), but I understand many of these better since returning. I also got a good feel for what experiences provided the most growth for students, some of whom have continued their sociology projects in later course work or student activities when they return to Oregon. Some managed to incorporate their home stay families or meals/menus, and many involved the music and the contemporary culture of other young people in Europe, as well as the more usual formal papers on cathedrals and photo shows." She brings this enthusiasm for student learning to her Florence appointment, along with her recent experiences at the Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture in Rome, her summer Italian classes, and her study of the operas of Verdi and Puccini.

Two other courses selected from Creative Writing: Nonfiction, Intro to Literature: Drama, and Film. An Art History class may also be included with less than 20 students enrolling in the program.  With sufficient enrollment above 20 students, offerings will also include Intercultural Communication, Gender Communication and Public Speaking. All courses are fully transferable to your Associate of Arts Degree.

If enrollment reaches 20 students, OIEC will be able to send a second instructor in the Humanities:

Greg Lyons, Central Oregon Community College,

As a U.S. Army dependent, Greg lived in Germany and in France for three years each. This experience developed his curiosity and empathy toward other cultures. After completing an undergraduate degree in English, he returned to France for eight months, studying the language in Aix-en-Provence and working on a communal farm in Corsica. Since then, he has made several professional and vacation trips to France, Mexico, Britain and Italy--trying to speak French, Spanish and Italian with varied success. In 2004, as part of his teaching in the OIEC Florence program, he designed seventeen field trips and fell in love with the city, Italian food, people and architecture. He plans to share the travel bug, and the fun of writing about new places, with Oregon students on an adventure.