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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Rogue Community College provides quality education to help learners achieve their goals and to support the social, civic, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community.
Building on our strong traditions of serving students and the Southern Oregon region, Rogue Community College:
  1. Excels as a progressive, collegial, and responsive teaching and learning community by providing accessible, affordable, and quality classes.
  2. Provides a collaborative and inclusive culture by inspiring staff, honoring teaching and learning, using data strategically, and communicating effectively.
  3. Enhances student employability by developing career pathways and connecting students to work force opportunities.
  4. Advances the region’s economic, social, and cultural well-being by building and sustaining partnerships with other educational institutions, employers, community agencies, and students.
Core Values
Rogue Community College serves its community with outstanding educational opportunities based on a dedication to these core values:
  • Excellence motivates our every act and inspires our dedication to service.
  • Integrity inspires us toward strong ethical principles and accountability.
  • Respect nurtures an environment that treats individuals and ideas fairly with dignity and compassion.
  • Innovation promotes an agile, responsive culture to creatively address the emerging needs of our region.
  • Stewardship commits us to responsible and resourceful guardianship of community resources and sustainable practices.

Board-Adopted: June 17, 2008

Core Themes:
  1. Promote Student Access and Success
  2. Advance Student Learning
  3. Strengthen our Diverse Communities
  4. Model Stewardship

Board-Adopted: April 20, 2010