2006-08 Institutional Goals and Objectives

First Key: Build FTE
Growth of student enrollment is a measure of service by the College to citizens and a basis for state financial support. To implement this key, RCC will:
1.1 Expand the scope, quality, and availability of programs and services.
1.2 Improve services to the diverse local communities, including active retirees.
1.3 Increase the student base by fostering a supportive learning environment.
1.4 Strengthen recruitment efforts, above all to high school and Hispanic students.
1.5 Improve student retention rates.
1.6 Expand training opportunities with business and industry.
Second Key: Build the Foundation
The RCC Foundation is a community-based initiative committed to the needs of learners. Recognizing the Foundation’s value to the College and region, RCC will:
2.1 Work with the Foundation to increase its endowment.
2.2 Build partnerships in local communities.
2.3 Improve awareness of the Foundation’s role.
Third Key: Build Revenue
In order to provide excellent, low-cost, efficiently managed education to the community, RCC seeks an income base using a variety of funding sources. To achieve this key, RCC will:
3.1 Pursue alternative funding sources.
3.2 Strengthen partnerships with agencies and institutions.
3.3 Improve student access to funding resources.
Fourth Key: Manage Resources and Expenses
Rogue Community College is a trust held by its Board and employees on behalf of the people of Southern Oregon. To assure that these assets will be passed on to future generations, RCC will:
4.1 Align priorities and expenditures to ensure quality programs and services.
4.2 Pursue a stable funding base.
4.3 Nurture the college’s human and material resources.