2006-08 Institutional, Campus, and Departmental Goals and Objectives

First Key: Build FTE
Growth of student enrollment is a measure of service by the College to citizens and a basis for state financial support. To implement this key, RCC will:
1.1 Expand the scope, quality, and availability of programs and services.
President's Office Objective 1
Help establish, support, develop and guide 1-2 "signature programs" for each campus by June 30, 2008. (Also applicable to Key 3 - Build Revenue).
Bookstore Objective 1
Establish more cost effective ways to operate all bookstores to create a net profit by June 30, 2007, without cutting needed services to students. Continue to operate RWC, RVC, and TRC bookstores in a cost effective manner while generating a combined net profit for 2007/08 fiscal year. (Also applicable to 4.1)
Bookstore Objective 3
Increase square footage of RVC bookstore to provide a more functional area for students and staff. This will be accomplished either by relocation or remodel before Fall 2008. Cooperatively work with SOU to create a combined bookstore to serve students at the new RCC/SOU joint campus building.
Business Services Objective 1
The Budget and Financial Services Office will apply for and strive to acquire the GFOA Award for the 2005/06 and 2006/07 fiscal years. This award is given in recognition of the accuracy and presentation of the college's financial statements. By applying for and achieving this award, it insures that RCC is doing all it can to ensure that its financial records are as accurate and understandable as they can be. It motivates the staff to strive for better accuracy and efficiency which will benefit the underlying goal of the college.
Business Services Objective 4
Set up a more efficient automated procedure and update the A/P program to better process the IRS Form 1099s. This procedure will be completed by January 31, 2007 to comply with IRS guidelines.
Grant Development Coordination Objective 1
See President's Office Department Objectives
Human Resources Objective 1
Streamline the process for PT faculty hiring, contracts and payroll to provide greater efficiency and accuracy.
Information Technology - Computer Services Objective 1
Develop ability for students to request EDI transcript.
Information Technology - Computer Services Objective 2
Automated processing of EDI acknowledgments
Information Technology - Computer Services Objective 5
To better facilitate distance learning the internet connection will be upgraded from 5MBps to 15 MBps.
Information Technology - Internet Objective 1
Develop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web application for students and site visitors. Answers to questions will be maintained by RCC departments.
ABE/GED® Objective 1
Pilot a 12-hour student orientation in the ABE/GED® program at at Riverside Campus during the Summer 2007(Also applicable to 1.5).
Art Objective 1
Continue to work with RWC Administration on development of D Building and a culture building and securing a gallery space for RVC. (Also applicable to 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 2.2, 3.1 and 4.1).
Business Technology Objective 2
Develop and offer at least one new distance delivery class for 2006/07 (BA282 Applied Business Statistics, BT165 Writing a Business Plan, and WR227 Technical Report Writing) and 2007/08 (Potential classes include BA109 Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing a Job, ECON201 Principles of Microeconomics, ECON202 Principles of Macroeconomics, and BA224 Human Resource Management). Note: Release time and curriculum development funds are minimal at best and may not be available at all. (Also applicable to 1.2 and 1.3).
Community Education Objective 1
Community Education (in conjunction with other REL Department) will work with College Services to redesign in registration for no-credit students.
Community Education Objective 7
RWC Community Education will offer five additional computer classes and four additional other type courses.
Computer Science Objective 1
Evaluate and develop degree/s or course work to keep up with changing technology. (1)Evaluate need and develop certificates and/or degrees to replace the AS Networking, AS Digital Graphics, and AS Computer Support degrees, (2) Meet with advisory committees to review existing and new programs, (3) Develop AAS and one-year certificate in Health Care Informatics as part of Robert Wood Johnson grant with Asante Health Systems (4) Expand offerings in Game design and development. (Also applicable to 1.2 and 1.3).
Criminal Justice Objective 1
The Criminal Justice Program will develop and deliver two (2) additional classes for web-based delivery for a total of five (5) web-based CJ classes available to students by the end of the 07-08 academic year. The classes will be CJ 120 - Judicial Process and CJ 130 - Introduction to Corrections.
Academic Skills Objective 1
Pilot test GED® sign-in program at RVC during Summer Term 2006. Refine and pilot test at RWC Winter 2007.
Academic Skills Objective 2
Select and train new GED® Examiner at RVC by Spring 2008.
Academic Skills Objective 5
Design, implement and evaluate one new on-line course (College vocabulary). (Also applicable to 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5).
Academic Skills Objective 11
Design, implement, and evaluate two new combined courses (WR102030 at TRC and RD2030 at RWC). (Also applicable to 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3).
Early Childhood Education Objective 1
Collaborate with SOU in the development of a new Education Degree that gives initial licensure for teaching at the elementary level.
Electronics Objective 1
Objective 1: Marketing to High Schools and Industry 1. Develop presentations for high school outreach. 2. Develop a presentation for industry – modules. 3. Present video presentation to all regional high schools. 4. Work with regional High Schools to develop and implement a ‘Next-Step’ sequence that culminates in a yearly increase of 10 FTE.
Emergency Medical Technology Objective 1
Develop and offer semi-annual recertification training at basic, intermediate and paramedic levels. (Also applicable to Keys 3 and 4).
Emergency Medical Technology Objective 2
Develop and offer ongoing continuing education classes (monthly?) for a nominal fee. (Also applicable to Keys 3 and 4).
Emergency Medical Technology Objective 4
Explore options for incorporating Sim-Man training and technology into the program. (Also applicable to Keys 2 and 3).
Emergency Medical Technology Objective 5
Offer EMT core courses (EMT 106, 185 and 205) in an on-line or blended format. (Also applicable to Key 3).
Fire Science Objective 1
Explore new ways to deliver new and existing curricula.
Human Development Objective 2
Refocus direction of Human Development program: (a) involve HD groups (Counseling, TRiO, Discovery, Student Employment, Support Services) in assessing met and unmet student development needs and if additional HD courses might address these; (b) train new coordinator to begin 2006/07.
Human Development Objective 3
Provide college transfer level class in Parenting to RCC students: (a) develop childcare class in coordination with the new campus Headstart Program and ECE Program and seek approval through RCC Curriculum Committee.
Humanities Objective 1
Expand distance delivery options with a new online HUM101-103 offered throughout the year as online WR123 to be offered in Spring term. The department will increase the number of online WR121 offerings next year, and also work throughout the year to blend Web-CT applications into the regular classroom.
Humanities Objective 3
Realign expectations for the core outcomes in our Writing courses -- WR115, 121, 122 and 123 -- while developing uniform grading standards for papers in these courses. As an adjunct to this, the department will integrate the Library's emphasis on informational literacy into all four of our regular writing courses.
Humanities Objective 4
1. Effective summer 2007, the Humanities department will phase out Criterion as a placement tool for WR 121 and use COMPASS scores for placement into WR 121. We will add a Midterm Writing Exam to all WR 121s—replacing the second take-home paper in that class and counting as 20% of the overall grade— in order to maintain our emphasis on unmediated, on-demand writing.
Humanities Objective 6
5. In response to budget restrictions, the department will move the Writing Center into the Wiseman Center on the Redwood campus at the end of summer 2007. We will work with the Tutoring Center to make this as smooth a transition as possible—ensuring that the focus of our Writing Center is maintained as we blend our approach with the mission of the Tutoring Center.
Massage Therapy Objective 1
Purchase videos to enhance education and face.
Mathematics Objective 4
Research the feasibility of developing curricula involving alternate delivery methods (i.e.: web courses, distributed learning, recitation, IP video and Starboard, etc.) for transfer level Math courses (Math 105, 111 and 112). (Also applicable to 1.2 and 1.3).
Social Science Objective 1
Social Science: Maintain a commitment to increase general education course offerings at night on as many of the three campuses as is economically feasible.
Social Science Objective 5
Social Science: Offer ANTH 110 in classroom at RWC; ask for creation of computer terminals at testing centers to allow for on-line testing; continue expanded offerings of PSYCH 215 at RWC and RVC, continue to request MW/TR and Friday-block scheduling at RVC; continue exploring feasibility of teaching American History around activity of mock congress (Niki). (Also applicable to 4.1).
Social Science Objective 6
Human Services: Develop strategies for efficient delivery of curriculum in both counties. (Also applicable to 1.5 and 4.1).
Social Science Objective 9
Human Services: Combine A.A.S Human Services degree(s) into one degree. Also applicable to 4.1).
Instructional Media Objective 1
Continue to promote distance learning FTE growth, with a measurable goal at matching or exceeding overall college growth.
Library Objective 1
Liaison with one department per year to integrate information literacy learning outcomes into student learning experiences across the program's curriculum, employing a variety of delivery modes.
Library Objective 2
Assess the library resources available to students and implement an acquisitions plan that best supports the curriculum.
Library Objective 3
Support distance learning more effectively by installing a proxy server, establishing better WEB CT/library connections, and enabling online Interlibrary Loan requests.
Enrollment Services Objective 2
Improve the Enrollment Services Web page by making all forms into Web reports during 2006/07.
Financial Aid Objective 1
Create an outreach publication to be used as a tool to get new and prospective students to make informed decisions, effectively utilize resources and successfully manage the administrative side of program completion.
Office of Diversity Objective 2
RWC will offer at least one co-curricular class/activity with history, multi- cultural America, poetry and human sexuality during the 2006/07 school year.
Office of Diversity Objective 3
RVC Office of Diversity will offer at least one co-curricula activity per term which enhances the learning objective of one or more instructional classes.
Student Employment Objective 3
Develop part-time assistance in Klamath Falls to provide Occupational Skills Training and other training services to Vocational Rehabilitation referred students. Funding for this position will be written into the Career Workforce Skills Training Grant for 2007-09. If funding is obtained, a qualified part- time temporary or contracted individual will be located and hired by July 2007.
Support Services (Disability Services) Objective 1
Draft campus-wide procedure for course substitutions and waivers regarding students with disabilities. (Also applicable to 1.3 and 1.5).
Apprenticeship Objective 1
Locate and hire qualified new instructors for two apprenticeship programs and initiate the approval of one additional apprentice training program.
Redwood Campus Objective 1
Review and build master quarterly schedule for the campus and the college.
Redwood Campus Objective 2
Develop the Informatics curricula as part of Computer Science department in collaboration with Asante and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation grant.
Redwood Campus Objective 3
Renovate D Building for expansion of Art classes on RWC campus and enhance classroom use
College Services Objective 2
Student and College Services will support the effort to remodel student services by assisting in evaluating best practices and new initiatives.
1.2 Improve services to the diverse local communities, including active retirees.
Art Objective 2
Seek coordinator position for RVC to assist department head to develop community support and provide enhanced service delivery to our students. (Also applicable to 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 3.1 and 4.1).
Community Education Objective 2
RCC Community education will offer five new youth sections.
Community Education Objective 3
RVC Community Education will increase outreach to the Hispanic community by offering a minimum of four sections.
Academic Skills Objective 9
Design and implement marketing plan for TRC Learning Resource Center testing services to promote (a) telecourse and web course testing and (b) non-RCC testing. (Also applicable to 1.1, 1.6 and 3.1).
Social Science Objective 4
Social Science: Explore offering Psych 101 en Espaņol for possible cross- listed credit, e.g. Psych and Foreign Language credit . . . Spanish/English/ Psychology credit. (Also applicable to 1.1).
Counseling Objective 9
Develop and implement a career/transition website that will enable students to identify career goals, tie those goals to curricular offerings at RCC and effectively market their skills to secure employment upon acquisition of the requisite skills. The website will provide a database that will enable RCC to measure the extent of served populations and to create marketing and communication programs to reach larger portions of our served communities. In addition, the website search agent function will enable RCC staff to communicate training and employment opportunities to students as we become aware of them through a filtered internal email system that is built into the website. Staff members in key advising positions will be available at key points in the web pathway to personally assist students. These staff members will be offered training in career facilitation by a counselor on staff with national certification as a Career Development Facilitator Instructor through the National Career Development Association.
SBDC Objective 3
The RCC SBDC will investigate offering the SHRM human resource program in cooperation with SOU. The department objective supports RCC Key and/or Objective: First Key: Build FTE 1.1 Expand the scope, quality, and availability of programs and services 1.2 Improve services to the diverse local communities 1.6 Expand training opportunities with business and industry Third Key: Build Revenue 3.1 Pursue alternative funding sources 3.2 Strengthen partnerships with agencies and institutions
Support Services (Disability Services) Objective 3
Conduct Third Annual Transition Academy at Table Rock Campus. (Also applicable to 1.3, 1.4, 3.1 and 3.3).
1.3 Increase the student base by fostering a supportive learning environment.
President's Office Objective 2
Help develop, support and establish at least one (1) on-line program by Winter term 2007. (Also applicable to Key 3 - Build Revenue).
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 1
Build FTE through slight increase in number of admitted students (Nursing), participation in recruitment efforts, retention of in-program students. Action plan: --Admit 36 students to first year of Nursing program (rather than 32) based on increased utilization of high fidelity simulation and continuation of program expansion grant funds from local hospitals. --Participate in annual "El Mundo" day with focus on recruitment of Latino/Latina students and in other high school recruitment efforts. --Continue with plan to mentor transition or re-entry students by partnering them with another successful program student, focus on better transition to testing processes, inform transitioning students of funding resources; e.g. Job Council (for final year of program). Instructors will continue to work one-on-one or in small groups with all ADN and PN students who perform poorly on exams. Obtain FTE for college by recording multiple reviews and study sessions faculty members hold for students. Outcome measure: Monitor impact of increased number of students in first year. Compare ADN program attrition in '07-'08 with '06-'07 and with 2005- 06 and monitor PN program attrition to ensure typical high retention continues. Monitor average age of admitted students to see if any significant change from past years. (This objective supports RCC Keys 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5.)
Business Technology Objective 3
Increase recruitment efforts of area high school students by having full- time faculty members in the department select a high school in each county to visit during the year (both 2006/07 and 2007/08) and present information (advising guides, promotional brochures, referral cards, marketing posters, Power Point presentation) regarding the professional-technical and transfer programs offered by the Business Technology Department. (Also applicable to 1.1 and 4.1).
Criminal Justice Objective 3
The Criminal Justice Program will plan, develop, and implement a program- specific web site to: 1) support current students, 2) serve as a resource for current and prospective students, 3) serve as a marketing and recruiting tool, and 4) serve as a link between the program and agencies served by the program.
Academic Skills Objective 7
Design and evaluate system for capturing FTE for informal instructor/student meetings (through tutoring centers). (Also applicable to 4.1).
Academic Skills Objective 8
Design and implement marketing plan for TRC Learning Resource Center tutoring services. (Also applicable to 1.1 and 4.3)
Early Childhood Education Objective 5
To emphasize professionalism and anti-bias curriculum in all ECE courses.
Social Science Objective 8
Human Services: Improve advising process for entry into Human Services programs. (Also applicable to 1.1, 1.5 and 4.1).
Counseling Objective 1
Create a pre test/post test for the HD100 College Success and Survival class.
Counseling Objective 2
Establish learning objectives for counseling services from placement test to program readiness.
Discovery Programs Objective 1
Discovery Programs will meet for mid-term progress reports with 35-60 enrolled students' FWS to foster a supportive learning environment.
Financial Aid Objective 3
Provide holistic in-person loan counseling to assist students who face high educational debt in evaluating and planning for integrated success, both academically and financially.
Office of Diversity Objective 1
Evaluate a college-wide diversity plan by scheduling a quarterly meeting with identified college staff.
Apprenticeship Objective 2
Align and organize the Aiframe and Power Plant curriculum; update curriculum for two additional apprenticeship programs; align RCC AAS for electricians to the statewide degree; update and align number of courses in all apprenticeship programs to a standard format.
Nursing Objective 1
Build FTE through retention of in-program students.
Riverside Campus Objective 1
It's the life! Through social and service activities, Riverside campus builds upon the unique individual gifts of students. In 2006-2008 Riverside Campus will support efforts to strengthen existing campus- wide student signature events and expand student-club membership by 10%. Building bridges. RVC staff will complete the planning phase for the RCC/SOU building and assist with the plan's implementation. Riverside will continue working with Southern on how our shared students will experience the new building and how co-location will promote growth for both institutions.
1.4 Strengthen recruitment efforts, above all to high school and Hispanic students.
Marketing and Community Relations Objective 1
Strengthen direct marketing efforts to retirees, high school students, Hispanics and business and industry: (1) plan, prioritize, communicate and evaluate recruitment/marketing efforts with new Student Recruitment/Retention and Marketing Team, (2) conduct and/or draw on institutional research to determine best opportunities for marketing to identified target audiences, (3) direct print, broadcast and web resources to the identified target markets.
Diesel Technology Objective 1
Focus on recruitment for the Diesel Program through Job Council, Oregon State Employment and High School Outreach.
Early Childhood Education Objective 2
Develop brochures to recruit more students into all ECE programs.
Early Childhood Education Objective 3
Offer an ECE class in Spanish.
Early Childhood Education Objective 6
Set up displays at high school career fairs.
Early Childhood Education Objective 7
Continue 2 + 2 program with high schools and offer tours of Redwood Early Childhood Center.
Emergency Medical Technology Objective 6
Explore possibility of offering First Responder classes to meet rural provider needs and possibly as part of High School Outreach Program. (Also applicable to Key 3).
Massage Therapy Objective 2
Develop outreach to area high schools.
Enrollment Services Objective 1
Work with Counseling and Internet departments to create an on-line admission process in 2006/07.
Enrollment Services Objective 5
Work with I/T to develop a prospective student file during 2006/07.
Financial Aid Objective 2
Network with and become a local resource for key intake contacts such as local high school counselors to provide useful and timely information as it relates to Financial Aid opportunities available to students within their scope of influence.
TRIO/EOC Objective 1
S - Recruit 1,000 potential college students into TRiO and assist with Financial Aid and Enrollment processes; M - Data base maintains all demographic records -- numbers are available. A - Program and staff have been developed to accomplish this each year as per federal mandates. R - Nationally, 1,000 is considered reasonable for the grant funds provided ($220,000 per year). T - Data base is cross-referenced with college enrollment records.
TRIO/EOC Objective 2
S - Enroll at least 350 TRiO participants in a post-secondary program. M - Data base tracks -- we must document numbers yearly for federal reports. A - Have achieved this (492 last year) for each grant year. R - The number is consistent with national averages. T - Data base is cross-referenced with college enrollment records.
Rogue Central Objective 1
Rogue Central will use the online admission application to contact potential students regarding transfer admission and placement test waivers.
Redwood Campus Objective 4
Improve signage on RWC campus and at Kerby Belt Building Strengthen retention and recruitment through more student friendly campus
Redwood Campus Objective 5
Continue to expand the articulation/pathways agreements with GPHS
Riverside Campus Objective 4
Embracing the best in everyone. Openness to cultural diversity is a hallmark of RCC's Riverside Campus. In the period 2006-2008, this campus will work to support an expanded outreach and service program by 5% to meet the learning needs of the Latino community.
1.5 Improve student retention rates.
Marketing and Community Relations Objective 2
Strengthen retention efforts by improving communication with current students: (1) through print and Web resources, provide information regarding available services (e.g., counseling, advising, financial aid, Discovery Programs, TRiO programs, Women's Yes Center, student activities, etc.); (2) work with Student Recruitment/Retention/Marketing team to assure that college systems (e.g. phone, Web, advising) are easy to access and easy to navigate; and (3) continue building relationships/contacts with Women's YES! Center, ASRCC, Financial Aid, Diversity Center, and other departments/programs that provide student services.
ABE/GED® Objective 2
Increase the percentage of students who complete twelve or more hours of instruction as a result of the new student orientation that will be piloted with RVC ABE/GED® students during the summer of 2007. Use the TOPS data base to compare the percentage of students retained in the past with those who go through the new orientation process.
ABE/GED® Objective 3
Focus on a better understanding of federally mandated accountability measures and processes as the state moves to a partial "pay for performance" formula. This focus will include increasing retention and increasing the number of students who are post tested after an appropriate number of hours of study. The department will restructure its new student orientation to include goal setting and study skills, exploring the possibility of a 12 hour orientation. Key Reference: # 1.1, #1.5 Full-time faculty members have developed a goal setting unit that will be incorporated into the orientation process for new basic skills and GED® preparation students. View on the “AllOfRCC” drive and look in the folder titled “ABE.”
ABE/GED® Objective 4
Explore and expand transition of students into credit classes by finding a way to give TRC ABE/GED® students short hands-on educational experiences in the professional technical departments that are housed at TRC. A minimum of two of these experiences will be provided during the 2007-08 school year.
ABE/GED® Objective 5
Some ESL students will transition to ABE classes. Track through TOPS
Criminal Justice Objective 4
The Criminal Justice Program will develop a Criminal Justice Program Student Handbook to assist students to better understand the program's philosophy, policies and procedures, as well as provide students with appropriate information related to academic and career advising matters
Academic Skills Objective 12
Collect data on the effectiveness of the exams in DE-level writing and reading classes.
Academic Skills Objective 12
Evaluate the success of the new 100-level AS courses.
Human Development Objective 1
Increase student success as measured by retention rates and GPA: (1) promote HD 50 and HD 100 classes for new students. Increase numbers completing these courses form 0-25% of new students completing orientations; and (2) conduct quantitative study with matched sample control group (placement test scores and age) to determine if significant differences exist between the GPAs and attrition rates between those who complete the Osprey New Student Orientations as compared with those who don't.
Humanities Objective 5
1. Effective summer 2007, the Humanities department will phase out Criterion as a placement tool for WR 121 and use COMPASS scores for placement into WR 121. We will add a Midterm Writing Exam to all WR 121s—replacing the second take-home paper in that class and counting as 20% of the overall grade— in order to maintain our emphasis on unmediated, on-demand writing.
Massage Therapy Objective 3
Explore designing a two-year associate's degree linked closely to nursing, physical therapy, and sports medicine pre-requisites. (Also applicable to 1.1).
Mathematics Objective 2
The Mathematics Department will continue to pursue measures to improve retention and success in the developmental and transfer level Math courses.
Social Science Objective 10
Human Services: Explore cross-listing Human Services classes with Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice and others. Need to make sure prerequisites are maintained. (Also applicable to 1.1 and 4.1).
Counseling Objective 3
Contact students who attended a placement test and orientation and did not register for classes.
Counseling Objective 4
Contact students referred by instructors through the Save our Students program in a timely manner.
Counseling Objective 5
Contact by counseling faculty to students placed on academic probation to assist students in gaining more skills and confidence to succeed academically.
Counseling Objective 6
Utilize peer assistants to mentor students who need general information or have withdrawn from classes and assist students as they register for courses.
Counseling Objective 7
Provide greater training consistency to new academic advisors.
Counseling Objective 8
Maintain regular, consistent contact by counseling faculty with students who have been academically suspended.
Enrollment Services Objective 3
Finish the initial degree audit programming during Summer 2006. Train faculty and staff on use and interpretation of audit results in Summer and Fall 2006. Put the program on-line for stage one of student use in 2007.
Riverside Campus Objective 2
Shooting for the Stars. Riverside Campus is committed to retaining and graduating its students. Through an improved master schedule and pro-active advising, Riverside supports efforts to increase the number of students transferring from Basic Skills programs to college credit classes by an increase of 3% over 2005-2006 levels.
1.6 Expand training opportunities with business and industry.
Business Technology Objective 5
Increase enrollment/FTE by 5% annually within the CWE program by: (1) developing CWE promotional materials for potential employers; (2) developing at least three new CWE sites annually (2006/07 and 2007/08) in each county; and (3) using the advising process to promote CWE as elective credit to students.
Computer Science Objective 4
Work with other College departments and the community on development of courses and programs: (1) continue working with Business and Science departments on health care informatics program; (2) establish an advisory committee for networking program and health care informatics program (3) continue working with Asante Health Systems on health care informatics program. (This objective is also applicable to 1.1 and 3.2).
Workforce Training Objective 1
Work closely with business and industry to offer 20 new classes and one new program targeting local workforce needs.
Workforce Training Objective 2
Develop and deliver four contracted STST training activities utilizing the new RCC/SOU building on RVC.
Criminal Justice Objective 2
The Reserve Office Law Enforcement Academy (ROLEA), a program within the Criminal Justice Program, will develop and implement major curricula revisions to ROLEA modules of instruction to ensure that the program is delivered in a manner consistent with curriculum enhancements related to the new and more comprehensive academy program for the State of Oregon (DPSST standard).
Early Childhood Education Objective 4
Collaborate with other community colleges in state in offering WEBCT classes in ECE to serve students in rural areas.
Early Childhood Education Objective 8
Collaborate with Job Council for early childhood trainings that can be used for college credit.
Fire Science Objective 5
Expand the Wildland Firefighting curriculum to address private contractors as well as municipal fire departments.
Mathematics Objective 3
Continue to advertise on the Math Department web site and encourage qualified candidates to apply. Interviews will be held with screened applicants and references checked prior to hiring.
SBDC Objective 1
RCC SBDC will Expand Supervisor’s Academy: Managing People winter term 2007 from a 6-hour course to a 26-hour modularized course. The department objective supports RCC Key and/or Objective: First Key: Build FTE 1.1 Expand the scope, quality, and availability of programs and services 1.2 Improve services to the diverse local communities 1.6 Expand training opportunities with business and industry Third Key: Build Revenue 3.1 Pursue alternative funding sources
Redwood Campus Objective 6
Complete the Business Entrepreneur Center and enhance the ILVC signage with for LC, SOG and RCC/
Second Key: Build the Foundation
The RCC Foundation is a community-based initiative committed to the needs of learners. Recognizing the Foundation’s value to the College and region, RCC will:
2.1 Work with the Foundation to increase its endowment.
President's Office Objective 3
Work with the Foundation Office to communicate and support Board of Education and Foundation Board goals, generate additional revenue and raise funds for specified projects.
2.2 Build partnerships in local communities.
Art Objective 4
Continue to seek an additional full-time instructor position to provide better service delivery and increase student learning. (Also applicable to Key 1, 3.1, and 4.1).
Community Education Objective 4
RCC Community Education will offer five sections in collaboration with credit or other agencies (for example: student services, Art, PE, The Job Council).
Community Education Objective 5
RCC Community Education will offer senior related events or activities.
Workforce Training Objective 3
Build two partnerships that provide funds and resources which support students in attaining their educational goals.
Redwood Campus Objective 7
Continue and expand the Art Works grants for continued planning and work in the community and the college
Redwood Campus Objective 8
Expand partnerships with SOREDI, Chamber of Commerce for training and business development.
Redwood Campus Objective 9
Support and offer the Treasures of our Community in cooperation with AAWCC and Foundation.
2.3 Improve awareness of the Foundation’s role.
Marketing and Community Relations Objective 3
Improve community awareness of RCC Foundation: (1) work with Executive Director, Foundation to develop strategic plan for marketing the Foundation; (2) assist RCC Foundation marketing efforts by providing graphic/production support for annual report, scholarship night invitations, program, scholarship ads, etc.); (3) continue supporting Foundation's media relations by writing and disseminating press releases about Foundation activities and by including Foundation news in Rogue Matters newsletter; and (4) continue graphics/production support for RCC Foundation materials.
Third Key: Build Revenue
In order to provide excellent, low-cost, efficiently managed education to the community, RCC seeks an income base using a variety of funding sources. To achieve this key, RCC will:
3.1 Pursue alternative funding sources.
Marketing and Community Relations Objective 4
Assist in the dissemination of information for successful passage of Josephine County bond measure in 2006: (1) work closely with president and college leadership to develop strategy for successful campaign; and (2) develop and provide background and information materials to media.
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 2
Maintain or build revenue through continuing partnerships with local facilities. Action plan: Continue to work with Asante and Providence to continue grant funding allowing admission of 36 students to first year of Nursing program. Work with four designated LTC facilities to fund up to two part-time clinical instructors for Nursing Assistant courses and to allow the partners to name a set number of course students to specified classes. Outcome measure: Signed contracts with clinical partners. (This objective supports the RCC Keys 3.1 and 3.2.)
Art Objective 3
Develop a certificate program providing students with enhanced course offerings leading to increased skill levels and knowledge to gain employment or transfer through accessible scheduling. (Also applicable to Key 1, 2.2 and 3.3).
Workforce Training Objective 4
Pursue grant or partner funding to strengthen or develop six college-wide training opportunities.
Early Childhood Education Objective 9
Write grant to purchase children's books for Early Childhood Education department.
Fire Science Objective 2
Pursue funding for coursework through grants, donations, and self-support activities.
Instructional Media Objective 2
Work with the Grants Office to solicit at least one grant that brings additional revenue to the College.
Discovery Programs Objective 4
Pursue grants to fund Discovery programs and services as they are identified.
SBDC Objective 2
RCC SBDC will investigate the requirements and determine feasibility of offering two new courses per year. These courses will be either industry continuing education training or regular SBDC courses, and offer those deemed feasible either via distributed learning or instructor-led deliveries. The department objective supports RCC Key and/or Objective: First Key: Build FTE 1.1 Expand the scope, quality, and availability of programs and services 1.2 Improve services to the diverse local communities 1.6 Expand training opportunities with business and industry Third Key: Build Revenue 3.1 Pursue alternative funding sources
Student Employment Objective 4
Student Employment Services will secure reauthorization of the Career Workforce Skills Training Grant through Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the period 2007-2009.
Redwood Campus Objective 10
Expand cost recovery section offerings in high demand areas Develop a model for calculating cost recovery to ease the development and management of the funding
3.2 Strengthen partnerships with agencies and institutions.
Purchasing/District Objective 1
Purchasing will ensure the College obtains the best value for its dollar while adhering to the guidelines set forth in the ORS, OAR and CCRP.
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 3
Collaborate with OHSU and clinical partners and implement the new Consortium (OCNE) curriculum plan in 2006-08. Include the curriculum plans in the self- study that will need to be written for OSBN over the course of 2007 and presented in October 2007. Action Plan: --Engage in continued statewide and regional consortium curriculum planning with OHSU at SOU, UCC and SOCC. Faculty will meet over the summer to translate changes into a working plan for revising the first year and for implementing the second year of the new curriculum for the RCC ADN program. --Utilize "benchmark" evaluation at the end of the first 3 terms of the new nursing curriculum. --Collaborate in winter term to have PN students work with OHSU Nursing students at Long-term Care settings. Repeat the 2007 experience with common objectives. --Hold a joint clinical planning session in the spring with representatives from all Nursing Department programs, OHSU at SOU School of Nursing, Providence medford Medical Center, and Asante. Outcome measure: Curriculum implemented and students have met all required benchmark competencies at end of spring term; OSBN self-study prepared and submitted, and graduating students have met all competencies required in curriculum. Strong relationships are maintained with clinical partners and students in all departmental programs receive variety of clinical experiences needed. (This objective supports RCC Keys 1.1, 3.2, and 4.1.)
Art Objective 5
Continue to work to develop student education and marketable skills with seminars and creative course scheduling through ArtWorks. (Also applicable to Key 1, 3.1 and 2.2).
Computer Science Objective 3
Improve and update our image through marketing, advertising for recruitment of students: (1) work with 2+2 office and attend high school career fairs (2) improve website to create consistent look with printed marketing materials; (3) work on recruitment efforts to less traditional markets for this department, including senior and Hispanic populations. Relationships with such groups as RASCALS, Spanish language skills for department members could be part of efforts. (This objective is also applicable to 1.4 and 1.6).
Workforce Training Objective 5
Find six partnerships with agencies and/or departments within RCC that result in training activities.
Diesel Technology Objective 4
Work with local industry groups to increase donations, scholarships and employment opportunities for students.
Early Childhood Education Objective 10
Continue collaboration with Head Start and Children's Services in running the Redwood Early Childhood Center.
Early Childhood Education Objective 11
Continue working with Regional Articulation Work Group for statewide collaboration of Early Childhood Education distance learning.
Early Childhood Education Objective 12
Identify and approve additional teaching sites at child care centers and elementary schools in Jackson and Josephine counties.
Early Childhood Education Objective 13
Collaborate with Child Care Quality Improvement Project to provide Early Childhood Education trainings for child care providers.
Fire Science Objective 3
Continue to foster good relationships with local fire service organizations through intergovernmental agreements for shared use of facilities and equipment.
Humanities Objective 4
Work throughout the year on facility and program issues relating to the RCC/SOU joint building in Medford.
Discovery Programs Objective 2
Continue yearly marketing plan with 5-6 agency/public presentations each term, PSAs and articles about student success in local publications.
Support Services (Disability Services) Objective 2
Implement SB 300 - Expanded Options with district special education programs. Develop and refine processes and procedures to serve high school students with disabilities in college courses or programs within this agreement. (Also applicable to 1.4).
Apprenticeship Objective 3
Apprenticeship programs will be the driving force in encouraging businesses, state agencies and institutions to utilize TRC as the sight for seminars, trade shows and continuing education activities. Assist in locating and training apprentices for Region 3 road improvement projects.
Nursing Objective 2
Collaborate with OHSU and clinical partners and implement the new Consortium curriculum plan and successfully "teach out" the old curriculum to second year students in 2006-07. Include the curriculum plans in the self-study that will need to be written for OSBN over the course of the 2006-07 academic year and presented in Fall 2007.
Nursing Objective 4
Continue to participate as resource aimed at building PN education in Oregon, and ensuring that consistent education standards are maintained and that scope of LPN is fully used.
Redwood Campus Objective 13
Expand development and offering shared courses with Workforce, credit and community education segments of the college as well as with business and industry, SOREDI and Workforce Development Council
Riverside Campus Objective 3
Hello neighbor. Riverside Campus sees itself as a contributor to a revitalized downtown Medford. Through participation in civic improvement groups, and support for downtown projects we will continue to build our good image with the local community.
3.3 Improve student access to funding resources.
Discovery Programs Objective 5
Teach 35-60 students FWS terms about how to apply for scholarships through the RCC Foundation and other services.
TRIO/EOC Objective 3
S - Assist 500 students with financial aid applications (one-on-one, workshops, presentations). M - We measure by counting the number of completed applications as "assistance." A - Each year 500 of our participants apply for financial aid. R - The number is slightly higher than the national average, but our staff is exceptionally well trained. T - Every student contact is documented and entered into a data base. Copies of financial aid applications are on file with the student records.
Fourth Key: Manage Resources and Expenses
Rogue Community College is a trust held by its Board and employees on behalf of the people of Southern Oregon. To assure that these assets will be passed on to future generations, RCC will:
4.1 Align priorities and expenditures to ensure quality programs and services.
Purchasing/District Objective 2
Purchasing will continue to review all expenditures and make suggestions towards consolidating purchases as well as seek alternate vendors in order to gain the best pricing. When needed, Purchasing will obtain competitive quotes in order to remain confident that the College is getting the best product for the best price.
Bookstore Objective 2
Set up a point of sale system at RWC, RVC and TRC bookstores by June 30, 2008. (Also applicable to 1.1).
Facilities Objective 1
To review and possibly redesign department operations to meet the needs of our customers in light of reduced staffing levels.
Information Technology - Computer Services Objective 3
Upgrade Application Extender to current version, both server and clients.
Information Technology - Computer Services Objective 4
Successfully meet I/T needs at RCC/SOU Joint building, including planning, design, and implementation.
Information Technology - Help Desk Objective 1
Upgrade ADP payroll system clients
Information Technology - Help Desk Objective 2
Deploy MS Office 2007 on every computer at RCC
Information Technology - Help Desk Objective 3
Deploy MS Vista on all compatible computer at RCC
Information Technology - Internet Objective 2
Integrate booklist with schedule of classes.
Marketing and Community Relations Objective 5
With flexibility and agility, provide excellent Marketing and Community Relations services with available resources: (1) work with Student Recruitment/Retention and Marketing Team to prioritize marketing strategies that result in building FTE; (2) reduce or eliminate production support to projects that do not directly impact FTE (e.g. special events programs); (3) streamline LOG to decrease production time, post on RCC Web site so students can access, and include "teasers" linked to lengthy documents or photos (e.g. president's budget message, photos from inservices, honor roll, etc.), develop LOG blog; (4) develop templates for repeat projects (e.g. flyers, postcards, etc.).
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 4
Continue to participate as a resource aimed at building PN education in Oregon, and ensuring that consistent education standards are maintained and scope of LPN is fully used. Action plan: Continue to strengthen current PN program. Work with MHCC, TVCC, SOCC, LBCC and other interested community colleges in OPNEC (Oregon Practical Nursing Education Collaboration) group to support alignment of programs and assist with development of new freestanding PN programs in the state. Continue to work with LPN Task Force to standardize PN educational competencies. Outcome measure: Determine if, by the end of spring 2008, a PN Education Summit follow-up activity has occurred, and whether any new community college freestanding PN program is in at least the developmental phase of the OSBN approval process. (This objective supports the RCC Keys 4.1, 4.3.)
Business Technology Objective 1
Develop and deliver part-time faculty training (using multiple delivery methods including in-person meetings and on-going Business Technology instructional BLOG) to ensure quality of instruction and continuity of course delivery/content. (Also applicable to 4.3).
Business Technology Objective 4
Using 2005/06 as the baseline, reduce the number of sections offered F-W-S by 10 percent during the 2006/07 academic year in order to reduce expenditures while still achieving scheduling efficiencies and quality of instruction. Using 2006/07 as the baseline, maintain the number of sections offered F-W-S during the 2007/08 academic year while still achieving scheduling efficiencies and quality of instruction.
Computer Science Objective 2
Maintain and update technology to draw new students to our programs: (1) replace Mac lab at RWC, (2) upgrade or replace computers in RVC networking lab, (3) replace Kim Sherrell's Mac so she can run Final Cut Pro and teach the Digital Video class. (4) Create a plan for updating software in labs. (Also applicable to 1.1).
Academic Skills Objective 3
Review and align all GED® testing procedures with the GEDTS contract by the end of Spring 2007.
Academic Skills Objective 4
Replace door in G-108 with a Dutch door as part of GEDTS compliance.
Academic Skills Objective 10
Redesign tutoring centers at all three campuses to achieve budget reductions.
Diesel Technology Objective 2
Continue instructor education and upgrade the education requirements to meet A.S.E., EPA and industry's changing standards.
Diesel Technology Objective 3
Get new tools and equipment needed by changes in the industry. Replace broken and worn out equipment needed for student learning of current industry standards. (Also applicable to 4.3).
Emergency Medical Technology Objective 3
Complete thorough inventory and organization of department supplies and equipment and finalize tracking system. (Note: This project was started in 2005/06 in coordination with the move to TRC).
Fire Science Objective 4
Continue to manage available funding efficiently and effectively to achieve the highest level of outcome for the students.
Health, PE, and Recreation Objective 4
Whine about lack of funds for weight/gym equipment. Hope money falls from heaven or hope that great, modern weight equipment falls from heaven and lands in our gym. "Completion" is sufficient whining when Peter can hear me from the gym . . . and then gives HPER more funds!:)
Humanities Objective 7
5. In response to budget restrictions, the department will move the Writing Center into the Wiseman Center on the Redwood campus at the end of summer 2007. We will work with the Tutoring Center to make this as smooth a transition as possible—ensuring that the focus of our Writing Center is maintained as we blend our approach with the mission of the Tutoring Center.
Social Science Objective 2
Social Science: Expand department offerings of WebCT courses (SOC211 and PS203) when curriculum-development funds/time permits. (Also applicable to 1.1)
Social Science Objective 3
Social Science: Replace ANTH150 (obsolete telecourse) with Physical Anthropology and/or Introduction to Archaeology as they become available. (Also applicable to 1.1).
Social Science Objective 7
Human Services: Explore additional connections/articulations with four-year schools such as University of Oregon, OSU, etc. Strengthen current articulations. (Also applicable to 1.1).
Enrollment Services Objective 4
Finish the online grading application, do a Beta test on summer grades in August 2006. Take the test application to faculty trainings in Fall term 2006. Use the application broadly for fall term grades.
Support Services (Disability Services) Objective 4
Improve maintenance of departmental files and records: (a) initiate use of the Application Extender system; and (b) update department database fields. (Also applicable to 1.1 and 4.1).
Nursing Objective 3
Develop further opportunities for simulation utilization across all departmental programs.
College Services Objective 1
College Services will more fully integrate and communicate budget development with College-wide goals and objectives.
4.2 Pursue a stable funding base.
President's Office Objective 4
Be proactive in creating educational policy for state funding while also finding ways to continuously connect with federal officials.
Business Services Objective 2
Strive to become current on the submissions of delinquent debt to within 60 days of the end of term by December 30, 2007.
Business Services Objective 3
Update the processes for capitalizing of assets by June 30, 2007. Initiate and complete a physical inventory of all asset items by June 30, 2008.
Cafeteria Objective 1
Cafeteria will be contracted out beginning 2006/07 fiscal year. Cafeteria will continue to be contracted out for 2007/08 fiscal year. Food services at TRC and RVC will also continue to be contracted out. Revenues generated from contracting food service and vending will generate approximately $22000.00 per year.
4.3 Nurture the college’s human and material resources.
Purchasing/District Objective 3
Purchasing Department will strive to keep updated on furnishing trends/products that help foster a better learning environment.
Facilities Objective 2
Our goal is completing the redesign and development of our operational base thus providing department staff members appropriate working conditions to successfully serve our customers.
Human Resources Objective 2
Conduct an all employee orientation updating current employees with the employment and benefit information that is currently given to new employees.
Human Resources Objective 3
Provide training for management and classified staff on the new classified collective bargaining agreement.
Information Technology - Internet Objective 3
Develop online mail system application to increase efficiency and provide staff training resources.
Community Education Objective 6
RCC Community Education will pilot at least two new marketing approaches college-wide.
Early Childhood Education Objective 14
Hire an additional full-time Early Childhood Education instructor using Title III funds to expand Early Childhood Education marketing and collaboration with SOU, Child Care Quality Improvement Project, advising and distance learning.
Health, PE, and Recreation Objective 2
Purchase two automatic External Defibrillators, install devices in gym and Rogue Building and provide training for use. Goal: To train all facilities workers and 20+ others during in-service. Target audience: H Building staff and HPER staff along with facilities.
Health, PE, and Recreation Objective 3
Create a better process for acquiring FTE through the CPR outreach classes of the RCC AHA Training Center(the Center). Completion would entail following an established process for all Center instructors to follow that allows collection of RCC FTE.
Instructional Media Objective 3
As staffing allows, the department will continue to outfit classrooms and other RCC facilities with instructional technology in an effective and efficient manner.
Discovery Programs Objective 3
Hold two strategic planning retreats in fall and spring to ensure support of staff for idea generation and team building.
Student Employment Objective 1
Implement on-line application system to track all applicants for student employment positions. Student Employment will assist the Human Resources Dept. in developing a process for the implementation of People Admin. This is an on- line application system that is slated to start fall term of 2007.
Student Employment Objective 2
Improve links & information available to students and general public on the Student Employment Web Site. Student Employment will work with Student Development to create interactive career development and job search resources to the Student Employment Web Site to be implemented by September of 2008.
Student Employment Objective 5
By June 2007 develop and implement a comprehensive, efficient, user-friendly database to track skills training work sites and employers, including historical information. The database will improve coordination of employer contacts and create one system to track individual contacts and avoid duplication of effort.
Redwood Campus Objective 11
Develop RWC master planning in preparation for the JO Co bond levy.
Redwood Campus Objective 12
Organize and promote the Jo Co Bond Levy in November 2006